How To Get Your SEO And PPC Working In Sync

In many ways, the era of digital has made it easier than ever to integrate different aspects of a brand’s marketing strategy and create great, joined-up results.

However, in reality, it’s still shocking how easily the different areas become siloed within businesses and the lines of communication break down.

To take one important example, even just within the search engine marketing team, you may see pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies running independently and obliviously to one another.

This is a crazy state of affairs as it is quite easy to see how a more unified approach to search engine marketing can have dramatic benefits for both of the component parts.

Search engine marketing teams working together

First of all, there are the benefits of shared data. The insights that an SEO expert can gain from PPC data are invaluable when deciding on the best possible keywords to target for your landing page.

In many cases, the decisions could be based on the top converting keyword for:

  • Newsletter signups
  • Whitepaper downloads
  • Demo requests

To give you an example; knowing the best performing ads can help decide your SEO decisions on the best possible options for meta descriptions and webpage CTA changes. PPC will also offer you instant satisfaction when it comes to your split-testing endeavours.

The bonus quality score points PPC can gain from a well-optimised page are also beneficial, but it needs to work with SEO like a happy partnership. It’s not SEO vs. PPC.

For this special relationship to work, there needs to be improved communication, nurturing, a willing ear and discipline to ensure you get the best outcome from your search marketing activity.

Client and agency teams working together

In many cases, agencies provide recommendations to clients for technical changes, copy amends or general landing page optimisation. These shouldn’t just be filed away as an inconvenience or as something that are ‘nice to have’. At a very minimum you should be talking through the requested changes and work together to try and make them happen.

Again, communication is essential – teams need to talk. If you are using an agency to help you get the results you’re after, you need to see this a partnership. Not ‘us and them’, ‘not you versus me’. It’s a team effort, with shared responsibility and shared glory from any successes achieved.

Your objective may be to increase your conversions from particular paid searches or simply increase your rankings for specific terms through organic search.

In our experience, the following formula tends to keep everyone on the right track:

Accurate planning + evaluation + transparency + recommendations + understanding + trust + communication = Great success!

By sharing knowledge and working together, we really can achieve more. And to make sure that’s happening, we’re going to be turning more and more to tools like our own dotSurvey to get our clients’ perspectives on how well this is going.

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