How To Drive Revenue From Abandoned Carts

White empty boat floating on turquoise sea watersHow many times have you visited an ecommerce website only to drop off because you weren’t able to find what you were looking for?

Ecommerce sites are complex beasts with dynamic content meaning that no two customers will have the same experience and journey through a site, let alone on the same page.

And there are lots of reasons for customers abandoning a site but, more often than not, they will do so because a customer has navigation problems caused by user error, because there is a site issue or because they can’t find what they want at the price they want.

Would you be surprised to know that 25% of abandoned carts can be retrieved with some timely follow up emails?

So how can you manage shopping cart abandonment with dotMailer?

An example of this came up recently with one of our customers. The B2B retailer wanted a way to follow-up with customers that abandoned the shopping cart/checkout process without completing a purchase.

We simply set up a process using the dotMailer API which, when someone enters their email address while on site (either by logging in or by going into the checkout process), adds them into a special dotMailer address book. Anyone that makes it to the final checkout page is then removed from this address book leaving only those that came to the site, but abandoned without converting. Easy!

Email marketing messages can then be triggered to send to these contacts based on your business rules to encourage them to return to the site and make a purchase. For example, if you think price could be an issue, you could set up a triggered email to go out to anyone that abandoned offering a time-limited discount.

(This is a great example of how to use triggered emails, a tactic we are very keen on and that we’ve covered on the blog before.)

Looking to the future

We are great believers in the power of marketing to abandoned customers, so are working hard to innovate in this area.

Of course, this functionality is already possible in dotMailer and is available in our dotCommerce product, but we’ll soon be launching a dotMailer Magento plugin for all our customers that use this platform.

It will allow users to track revenue generated from abandoned cart email campaigns and also revenue lost in abandoned baskets. Syncing of all customers from Magento into dotMailer will also be available.

If you’d like to learn more about recovering abandoned carts or would like to know about our Magento plugin when it launches, give us a shout!