How To Boost Your On-Site Newsletter Signups

We’ve just released a cool new feature in dotMailer that allows you to set up an automatic feed from dotMailer to your website, creating an archive of your most recent email campaigns or newsletters for your website users to access.

You can set the system to display up to ten archive entries, e.g. your last ten newsletters, and dotMailer will update the archive each time you send a new newsletter.

It’s great for your website visitors to be able to see some of your recent campaigns in this way, to see the kind of content and special offers they can sign-up to, and access previously published content in a user-friendly and convenient way.

Using an archive like this is one of our favourite ways to help drive newsletter signups and build a quality, opted-in email marketing database.

It’s quick and easy to set up. Here are the simple steps:

  • Log into dotMailer
  • Click on Campaigns
  • Click on Advanced Features
  • Click on the Feeds tab
  • Select the number of campaigns you wish to display on your website page or dotMailer microsite page
  • Choose whether you want the Date Sent displayed
  • Choose which campaigns you want displayed. You can either choose all your campaigns or a selection of tagged campaigns. Tag your campaign by selecting it, clicking More Actions and selecting Tag Campaign.
  • dotMailer will then automatically generate the code for you to give to your website people. You can also add styles to the code by clicking on Add Styling.

campaign feed2