How High Street Retailers Are Using Custom Sent From Addresses

dotMailer’s annual Hitting the Mark email benchmarking report has clearly shown over the past few years that retailers have neglected aspects of their email marketing but what has always been got right by the high street retailers is sending from a branded email address.

This reinforces to us all that in over flowing inboxes, a custom from address and a Friendly From name is critical to maintaining and improving open rates. Out of the 36 retailers surveyed this year, only 7 did not send from a fully branded domain.


The ‘friendly from‘ – This is the  From name shown in the inbox. Research has shown that using the company name or brand name in B2C emails gains better open results. For B2B however, use an individual’s name such as the account manager or MD. You can use personalisation in dotMailer to make this dynamic for different contacts.

The ‘sent from’ address –  This is the domain the recipient sees that the email has been sent from, e.g. Waterstones uses Sending from a branded domain means that Waterstones maintains its online branding and recognition in the inbox.

Top Tips for a Custom From address

  • Ensure you send from an address that is fully configured for authentication (SPF, Sender ID, Domain Keys), confirming to the ISPs that you are who you say you are and are authorised to send. This is essential for getting more of your emails directly into inboxes
  • Ensure your recipients see only your brand in the ‘sent from’ address, with no mention of your ESP or webmail provider. This will help to improve your open rates
  • Don’t use your normal company domain as your ‘sent from’ address. It can only take one spam complaint from an unhappy recipient to get your domain black listed, and your firm’s business and transactional email suspended
  • Make sure the sending domain you use for your email campaigns points to your website if a user types it into their browser
  • Ensure your email service provider allows you to include tracking links in your email that match your send from domain, for consistency of online branding

Click here to download the full Hitting the Mark report.

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