5 Rules For Integrating Social Into Your Email Marketing, Beyond “Like Us On Facebook”

In recent years, new social media channels have moved the spotlight form email marketing  to social and left digital marketers asking where they should be focusing their efforts to get the reach and the return.

5 golden rules

Here are my 5 golden rules for integrating your email marketing with your social media marketing to harness the power of both channels and drive unstoppable reader engagement.

1. Become the perfect host

While online communities can be a shifting morass of conversation and initiatives, email can help forge a strong feeling that there’s actually a host at the party. Use email to collate and share discussions, drawing in more interest and potentially lengthening the discussion.

2. Turn your email newsletter audience into your community

If you’ve spent years creating a stimulating and regular stream of communication around your newsletter community, don’t underestimate the fact that your recipients are all part of a shared experience already.

You’re already working around a shared document in the form of the newsletter itself, perhaps consider where that should be hosted within your broader community and create an atmosphere of collaboration and discussion around it. Why duplicate the effort of generating an audience instead of simply transferring them across.

3. Email is not a one way medium

While email newsletters can be criticised for their one to many nature, don’t forget that every recipient is only one step away from replying and moving things forward. Calls to action are frequently focused around commercial objectives like conversions (rightly so) but consider that if you catch someone at the right time, giving them another choice to contribute to the conversation can be just as powerful in the long run.

4. Transfer lessons both ways

Frequency, tone, timing, audiences – these are all considerations for both email and social. The two formats have their own rules and etiquette but, in many ways, are more similar than people often give them credit for. Make sure knowledge is shared between teams involved in both and consider overlaps – if you have a VIP list on TweetDeck, are you also considering contacting these people through email too?

5. Build long term value

People obsess over social followers for a reason – in theory, every message you send out will have an increasing reach if you increase this metric. However, we all know from email that it’s about the right contacts more than simple numbers of contacts. In all your strategy and efforts, test to ensure you’re reaching the right people and consider new ways to get the response from them that you need.


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