Hitting The Mark: The Email Marketing Intelligence Report

Hitting The Mark: The Email Marketing Intelligence Report

Big brands’ email marketing performance, benchmarked

Email marketing has a long history of being one of the most effective marketing channels and the cornerstone of any multi-channel marketing campaign.

Hitting The Mark: The Email Marketing Intelligence Report offers constructive insight into the email marketing performance of 60 of the world’s largest online retailers – those that should be doing it well.

The report shares latest best practice, competitive intelligence, and highlights inspiring or innovative tactics to help email marketers to create more targeted, compelling and effective campaigns than ever.

Email Marketing Performance by Retailers

The good and the bad: The average global score for each category

What’s the story?

  • House of Fraser and Macy’s lead the board, with Amway and Ryanair at the bottom.
  • Across the board, subject lines (and copy in general) was formulaic and repetitive – although we show good examples.
  • Brands are clearly keen to capture data, but we counted 17 (obligatory) clicks to sign up for one major brand!
  • One major retailer is still using the same convoluted unsubscribe process they’ve used for several years
  • Brands aren’t integrating email and social media at the most obvious times.
  • Some of the best examples came from brands that weren’t big enough to make the league table – but had used exciting tactics to get cut-through. So we included them anyway.

Worth your time?

Truly intelligent analysis, ‘Hitting the Mark’ delivers a great resource, a plethora of detail and examples plus the added bonus of a transparent grading system. Content as clean as a properly performed A/B test – music to an email strategists ears!Samantha Iodice, Email Strategist & Best Practice Maven

dotMailer’s Email Marketing Intelligence Report is the definitive and most quantified email benchmarking reports for retailers I’ve seen. With top retailers evaluated on a multitude of criteria and hundreds of points, this research provides insights and illuminates examples any successful e-commerce marketer can quickly learn from and will want to model.

“Despite both the strategic and technical advances in email marketing, the Email Marketing Intelligence Report illustrates – in fantastic screen shots of both email designs and code – that there is no limit to email marketing innovation and improvement. It will inspire anyone in email marketing to strive for excellence.” – Karen Talavera, President, Synchronicity Marketing

“Consumer habits are showing that “showing up at the right place with the right content” (as quoted in Google’s Zero Moment of Truth) is where companies are gaining the highest impact from their digital marketing campaigns.

With email as part of a holistic, robust and well-executed digital strategy, you can provide increased value, on a personalised basis, that is relevant to customer requirements. Hitting the Mark provides a great level of insight that will be overlooked
by online retailers at their peril.”- Ned Poulter, SEO Manager at Miinto

Inspiration + insight = competitive advantage

Get your copy nowThe report is packed with exclusive stats, charts, gorgeous examples and a handy checklist for benchmarking your own campaigns.

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