Why Hire A Company For Bulk Email Marketing?

Email is probably the most widely used forms of communication on the Internet. Since its creation, business owners have been quick to realize its potential as a marketing tool and this has given rise to email marketing campaigns. This form of advertising and communication is used by institutions across the board, including universities, businesses and even governments. Bulk email marketing has put businesses in touch with millions of potential customers across the world, expanding their client base and increasing profits. However, anyone considering implementing a campaign without the help of an email marketing company should be aware that there is more to this process than meets the eye.

Not-So-Wonderful Spam

One of the biggest pitfalls for anyone choosing to ‘go it alone’ is that you can very quickly become marked down as a spammer. This is because email providers and ISPs often limit the number of emails that can be sent from an account – primarily to limit spam mail. In addition, security conscious recipients often strengthen their email accounts with firewalls and other security software. Your bulk email marketing newsletters may only end up being delivered to junk folders or being blocked entirely. Email marketing companies work with ISPs and email providers, who allow them to deliver large numbers of emails at any given time. In addition, the company can provide your email marketing campaign with a credible identity, allowing it to bypass most of the email security systems.

Opt-In and Opt-Out

Opt-in mailing lists are one of the most effective methods of bulk email marketing. Rather than simply blanket-bombing a client base and hoping for the best, opt-in mailing can generate quality leads by uncovering which recipients are interested in your product or service and asking them for contact details. In essence, it works through offering a service or information that your client may have already expressed an interest in. If they do, they will need to provide their email address before that information becomes accessible to them. While this method is effective, it is a time-consuming system to implement, but one with which a bulk email marketing company will be very familiar.

It is also important to know that, by Law, all recipients of any bulk email marketing campaign must be given an opt-out facility. While this is impractical to implement as part of a DIY campaign, most bulk email marketing companies offer it as a standard part of their service.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Email marketing legal compliance laws and the technology used in bulk email marketing is constantly changing. Striking out on your own means that you will continually be installing additional updates as the systems you use become dated. ISPs are making the elimination of spam a priority, so as soon as your software becomes unrecognizable, your bulk email marketing campaign will become redundant. Using a company to manage your email marketing campaign guarantees that you will always have the necessary tools available to meet the changing requirements of the industry. They will supply you with regular updates and new features to improve and increase the functionality of your system. In addition, they should provide a technical support service that you will be able to rely on in the event that any aspect of your email marketing goes awry.

See What’s Going On

It is important to know just how successful or unsuccessful a bulk email marketing strategy has been. Using an email marketing company gives you the advantage of being able to measure the response of each campaign. Many services give you the facility to be able to see the number of emails sent, who opened them and which associated links were clicked on as a result. They can also tell you if there have been any new subscribers, those who have unsubscribed and whether there have been any complaints. With information such as this at your fingertips, you will be able to measure your success and target your client base more effectively.

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