DotSurvey Beta Launches To DotMailer Customers

dotSurvey reporting screendotSurvey, our new, written-from-the-ground-up surveying tool, has been available to a select number of lucky alpha users since June. Since then we’ve worked relentlessly on stability and performance – but we’ve also found time to introduce branching, dotMailer integration, flexible survey widths, multiple responses from individuals and more.

All this hard work from the team means that, as of today, we’re now in beta – and available, for free, to all our dotMailer users.

Perfect match

No matter what type of dotMailer account you have, you’ll get dotSurvey for free, all the while it’s in beta (just hit ‘surveys’ in the top bar). And if you’re already a dotMailer user, you know how effective it can be in targeting your user base (and if you’re not, sign-up to that for free, too!). With dotSurvey, you can now collect data from your contacts and have it go straight back in to your dotMailer account – or use dotSurvey to create brand new contacts. You can easily craft a survey, brand it so it looks part of your website, include it in an email campaign, and collate the data. The opportunities here are almost endless – so watch out for ‘how to’ guides coming over the next few weeks.

“It looks amazing… tools like CopyKat are astonishing”
– Paul Dykes, Head of Digital Services, Skillset

If you’re an Enterprise account holder who uses our older, more basic surveying tool, don’t worry: your old surveys will remain accessible. Click on ‘surveys’ as normal, then chose the ‘reach my old surveys’ link.

Free forever?

We’ll certainly be 100% free of charge all the while we’re in beta. What’s more, if you decide to sign-up for the full service when we leave beta, all you’ll have to pay is £15/month, no matter how much you use it, guaranteed for three years. How reasonable is that?

Back to school

If you’re keen to learn more, there’ll be no better way than joining our webinar on December 20th, at 1:30pm. Sign up now to guarantee your place.

“I think I now prefer it to SurveyMonkey!”
– Louise Duffy, AoC

Additionally, we have a dotSurvey support forum over at which is the place to head to if you have any questions. Lastly – if you’re using dotSurvey for something amazing – tell us! Share your tips and your ideas (we love to know how are tools are used) – either in the comments below, or on the forum.

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