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Then this blogs for you!

Unfortunately, but ever increasingly, we are all getting flooded with these types of promises. Let me save you the suspense and expense, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

“If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” and search is no different.

Within a search engine results page (SERP) there are two sections for results. Firstly, the paid advertisements identified by the words Sponsored Link and secondly the organic or natural listings.

Paid listings are only displayed because they are paid advertisements. Results within the organic listings pay nothing and compete in an open market for position.



By understanding this concept you are now in a far better position to start filtering fact from fiction.

Often when a company promises these types of search guarantees they are also banking on the fact that their prospect won’t do their research.

Be vigilant and diligent when selecting whom to partner with as an error can not only damage your online reputation, it can also have your site de-listed completely.

To avoid being burnt by unrealistic promises consider and define if the offer relates to SEO or PPC (Organic V Paid). If it’s PPC you could do that yourself; it is a paid service. Professional consultancy helps with the campaigns performance not simply position. If the offer is that results are guaranteed for page 1 results within the organic listings, then find out on which search engines the guarantee applies (MSN, Yahoo, Google or Other). Remember Google has around 80% market share.

If the answer to the above is Google, find out if that’s Google in your country of choice and appropriate to your audience?

If it’s still checking out, then dig deeper. Find out what sort of key terms they will guarantee. More often than not it will be obscure, long-tail-terms, branded terms, non-competitive terms or non-searched for terms. There’s no point being number 1 for a term with no searches, and you’ll still be out of pocket.

Timelines are also critical. The aim of improving search engine optimization is to remain visible to your audience and attract converting traffic to maximise return on investment. Being page 1 for a limited time is a waste of time. It must be sustainable and measurable. The last thing you need is to be charged for a fleeting visit to page 1. Determine what a realistic timeline is in order to obtain page 1 rankings or alternatively if it’s even possible for your site. If you are told anything that resembles “Instantaneous Results” before they’ve done their research, be very wary and check their not referring to PPC.

If you’re still planning to give this a go, please open Google and check out their supposed results and follow that up with a check on search traffic volumes. Use exact match not broad match types.

Search engine results take time unless they are paid for results (PPC). Organic results shouldn’t ever be guaranteed. A timeline for them can be estimated, but even then that timeline can change as the organic results are based on a continually changing search engine algorithm.

If there were truly a quick fix created through some mystical solution, then every company in the world would easily be able to position their selected key terms on page 1.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy….

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