Going Native – dotMailer with Magento ‘Baked In’

It makes sense that the fewer steps you have in a workflow, the more efficient it’ll be – and sometimes, the simplest changes make the biggest difference. Our Magento ‘Baked-In’ extension has been in the wild since May, and Ben, our Head of eCommerce has a few things to share about it. 

Retailers want to sell. It’s a pretty obvious statement, but working in eCommerce often throws up a number of barriers – on top of maintaining stock, building good customer relations and services, and a decent user experience within an online store, a retailer also has to market their brand and products. Basketful

Many online enterprises don’t have the same resources that larger marketplaces and brands such as eBay, Amazon or Crate and Barrel have – therefore whatever eCommerce solution they employ needs to cater to the needs of both merchants and marketers in as simple and straightforward a workflow as possible.

Early in May this year, we debuted a new version of dotMailer’s extension for Magento, the world’s number one midmarket eCommerce solution on Magento’s Connect marketplace. On the face of it, it was a simple update that required very little fanfare.

The extension brought the entire functionality of dotMailer completely native – or ‘Baked In’ – to the Magento console, allowing for a single sign-in for both applications – create email marketing campaigns, manage contacts and create automation programs, within the same environment as you manage your merchant functions.

What the new interface looks like within the admin area

What the new interface looks like within the admin area

In a word, we think this is pretty cool. Okay, that’s two words.

Along with this, the latest extension updates allowed for syncing of fields such as ‘total customer refunds’ to dotMailer data fields allowing for more advanced audience segmentation.  In addition, merchants can now sync single customers manually between Magento and dotMailer, as opposed to waiting for a full batched import.

However, the proof’s in the pudding. Travis Romine, owner of West Coast US-based Paradise Fibers runs a prolific Magento site. He’s also a dotMailer client and had this to say about our extension:

“Our product catalogue is as large and diverse as our customer base, and as a family-owned business we provide a personal shopping experience whether a customer comes into the shop, or orders online.  

DotMailer allows us to send relevant content to our customers keeping them engaged, excited, and buying.  We love the way dotMailer creates emails! 

We have worked with a handful of the top ESP’s over the years and dotMailer has by far the fastest email design suite.  With the Magento app extension, my team now spends more time on creative and less time on implementation.  Overall it’s a great tool that makes us money.”

As Magento continues to race towards version 2.0, we will continue to update the extension, allowing marketers and merchants to understand and develop their audiences with more complex datasets, through a straightforward user interface. Check out the extension here.

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