Getting personal with Marketing Automation

Automating marketing can get companies closer to their customers and add value to their business

For marketers, customer experience & loyalty is crucial. Businesses must engage and communicate with customers in a relevant and increasingly personal way in order to develop customer loyalty and trust. Indeed, trends show that customers relate better to content that’s relevant and personalized specifically for them. As a means to deliver this, smart marketers are relying on marketing automation.

However, businesses often suffer being left behind in industries which are becoming more reliant on the most up to date, marketing technologies. Indeed, a recent study by TFM&A Insights found that “61 per cent of respondents were not using marketing automation at all.

In a recent article published with The Times, dotmailer’s Marketing Director, Phil Draper, explains that this reluctance stems from a number of concerns, including breaking away from traditional methods: “Marketers are busy. They have so many things to do at any one time, they tend to take the view that if their current programme is working, why change it? However, time and money are limited resources. Automation will save them time, giving them more opportunity to be strategic and creative, increase campaign output, and make more money.

It seems that the fear of marketers to engage in practices that require the use of what’s often perceived as tools reserved only for those who are ‘tech-savvy’, is holding back companies from providing the best possible customer journeys, and forming more personal, effective relationships with their clients. But why?

In 2015, with the use of tools, such as, dotmailer’s drag-and-drop Program Builder, it’s a ‘doddle’ to create tailored, personal and effective marketing automation campaigns. Need convincing? Our blog series explores just how quick and simple it is to get marketing automation underway by creating an effective program in under 10 minutes.

Marketing automation is proven to cut costs, increase productivity and drive revenue. What’s more, it’s easy to do. You need only try.

For valuable strategies, relevant case studies and feature interviews from industry leaders who are charting a course for success within their own organizations, view the Customer Loyalty & Experience feature by The Times.

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