Get Real About ‘Real Time’

stopwatchIv’e been meaning to comment on a recent DMA news article that caught my attention relating to real time search.

This article comes amidst a general buzz following Google’s introduction of real time search results, and a slighly chaotic climate of misinformation surrounding social media and search engine optimization

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to clear up some of the confusion and put social media content and search engine optimization into a more realistic context – given the information we currently have.

Social media, including blog posts and twitter content, can play a key role in an online marketing strategy – whether to build brand, drive traffic, or disseminate communications.

However, the current and future role of this content in link building for search engine optimization is far less cut and dried. Beware any assertions that because Google is now including real time search results, they are also planning to attach more relevance and link juice to these links.

Google knows these links are recent. But it doesn’t know they are relevant.

Having a new post on Twitter makes it up-to-the-second in terms of recency – what it does not do is make any given link within the Tweet more relevant to its destination page. Nor does it mean the respective post is from a trust worthy source.

Twitter content can be of poor quality and zero relevancy to a site it is linked to and yet still be posted as a Tweet.

Knowing this as we all do, can we really believe that Google would for example place equal or more relevancy to a link from an email marketing Tweet into a website than, say, a link from an article in the Guardian discussing the best ways to market your business online?

Keeping up with Google is a key role of  an SEO agency and a challenge for any marketer. Second-guessing what Google may do in the future is an even trickier game. So by all means be prepared for possible eventualities, but keep your feet on the ground when it comes to building solid, sustainable back links.

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