Get More Social Shares

Most brands are using social ‘buttons’ within their campaigns, but beyond placing the network’s logos in the header or footer of their email, they’re not entirely sure what else they could be doing. As a result, they’re not fully exploiting the potential of their email list as a ready built social network.

Fear not, we know some smart ways to encourage social shares and follows via email, read on!

Respect that shares are a commodity:

One of the first rules of encouraging successful social actions (sharing/following/liking) via email is respecting the value of the share.  In a small way, the sharer is putting their reputation on the line to promote you.

It’s unlikely that your recipients will ‘like’ or share your brand for nothing. Instead, give them value before you ask them for a slice of their social capital.

Perhaps ask for a shout out, a share or a bit of brand advocacy in the form of a like after they’ve downloaded your latest whitepaper or watched your latest training video. This way you’re buttering them up before asking for a favour..­

The Customer Insight Group (CIG), at the New York Times found that there are 5 types of motivation that explain why people might share something online, they are as follows:

  • To bring valuable and entertaining content to others – Therefore, when sharing exclusive content and offers, try and strike a balance between being entertaining and truly valuable.
  • To define ourselves to others – According to the group, 68% share to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about.
  • To grow and nourish our relationships – They found that 73% share information because it helps them connect with others who share their interests. Therefore, talk to your subscribers about the community they’ll be joining and explain the value that lies within it.
  • Self-fulfilment – According to the results, 69% share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world.
  • To get the word out about causes or brands – 84% share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about.

Make it effortless:

Don’t just link users to your Twitter page – use Twitter’s web intents instead.

What are web intents?

If you’ve already got the twitter button on your site or within your emails then you’re already using the Web Intents API, but you might not be harnessing its true potential.

Twitter says that ‘web Intents provide popup-optimized flows for working with Tweets & Twitter Users: Tweet, Reply, Re-tweet Favourite and Follow. They make it possible for users to interact with Twitter content in the context of your site, without leaving the page or having to authorize a new app just for the interaction. Web intents are mobile friendly, and super easy to implement’.

With web Intents, in a few super simple steps, marketers can enable their recipients to Tweet, Reply to a tweet, Re-tweet, or favourite any tweet straight from the inbox.

Creating these Web Intents is ridiculously easy, click here for the walk through:

In addition to using web intents, consider the positioning of your social icons within your email. What is it that you want your icons to encourage? If it’s shares then there is little or no point in you placing the icons within the header or footer of your email. Instead, place them prominently right next to your most exciting and engaging content.

Say Thanks!

Saying thank you when someone RT’s you or likes a post can go a long way in the social economy. When you get shares – if appropriate, re-share them. It’s good manners, helps to keep the community healthy and does wonders for your Twitter karma.

We know that you care about getting social shares via email and hope that today’s post has reaffirmed the fact that email can be a ready-made social community – if you manage it well. 

If you have any questions about this post then please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section below. Failing that, tweet us @dotmailer.

dotmailerCTAFor a further 10 key steps and over 30 bullet-proof tips for making your email and social media marketing work together, download our Guide to Social Email Marketing.





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