Fred Perry adopts e-receipts to get a single customer view

dotmailer client Fred Perry has adopted a clever way to gain a single view of its customers both offline and online.

The iconic British fashion brand, loved by many subcultures since it was founded in 1952, has 135 stores globally. The implementation of e-receipts allows Fred Perry to match email addresses collected in stores with customers who shop online, giving it a fuller picture of cross-channel activity and a single-customer-view database.

As a heritage brand with international presence, Fred Perry has accumulated a large database of customer records over time. Martin Burton, who’s Head of Ecommerce at Fred Perry said that the brand’s data was originally “in a pretty bad state” and needed to begin using email addresses as unique identifiers to validate records.

Fred Perry decided to consolidate its data, which was spread across 40 different databases and resulted in around 800,000 customer records. The problem was, the team at Fred Perry had no plan in place once it arrived at this stage, as Martin explains: “We had no clear strategy developed for those 800,000 people, our metrics were poor and we had no way of tracking if we sent an email would it influence one person.”

The fashion retailer chose to work with dotmailer to develop its email marketing strategy, which led to a data import and audit to validate the health of the records. It was after the data cleansing that Fred Perry began offering e-receipts to customers in 32 of its shops across Europe and the US.

“When we provided the option of eReceipts, we went from collecting around 100 emails per week, to 3,000. 80% of our customers were choosing eReceipts and if we continue with that, we’ll get 95% of all online and in-store transactions being tracked,” said Martin.

It’s not only a joined-up customer view that e-receipts can offer retailers. The functionality can also open up opportunities for brands to cross-sell, so long as they stick to local laws and guidelines around the primary purpose of transactional emails. The eec recently published a useful reference guide – the Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide – for those operating in the US.

The benefits to consumers are that they’re reducing their carbon footprint and the risk of losing the receipt, in case they need to return the purchase at a later date.

It was dotmailer’s customer integrations team who helped to implement Fred Perry’s e-receipt functionality. You can find out more about how they can help you here.

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