Four Reasons To Invest Into Email Marketing UK

The Internet has become the fastest growing marketing medium due to the fact that people spend more time online than watching TV or reading newspapers. Skilled top managers capitalise on this opportunity and invest into permission-based email marketing UK, a cost-effective and powerful tool to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time. Below there are four popular reasons to invest into email marketing right away.

Global reach

Borders are no obstacles for email marketing campaigns, so you can easily extend to new markets without even leaving your office, especially if you have a wide customer base. As Internet users from over the world constantly look for products online, you may easily grab their attention with the help of targeted email marketing UK campaigns, wherever you are. The only thing that matters is the database of your potential customers who are glad to receive your emails and learn more about new products and special offers.

Increase sales conversion

No matter how great your product or service is, a lot of visitors don’t convert into buying customers at once but email marketing UK can facilitate this process. According to a recent survey, it takes an average customer up to nine visits before they become buying clients which means that the effectiveness of sales depends on the element of repetition. Sometimes clients visit your site and are just about to buy your product when they are distracted by various factors including phone calls, accidental closure of the web browser or some other emergency. Regardless of the reason, your potential clients leave without making a purchase and you miss out on sales unless they leave their email address. With the help of email marketing you can keep your customers informed about the latest innovations and special deals they may get.

Generate repeat sales

It is often much harder to acquire a new customer rather than to retain an existing one, therefore it is important to use email marketing UK techniques to generate repeat sales. Unfortunately, some managers focus only on initial sales and forget about the value of the customer who may greatly influence company operations. Keeping in touch with your clients via emails is often an easy way to strengthen relations with existing clients and make them come back. Personalised emails are often valued by clients making them feel unique and appreciated; so, if you care about your buyers, they are very likely to turn into repetitive clients.

Gain valuable feedback

When launching an effective email marketing UK campaign, you get the opportunity to receive a fast feedback from your clients and use it to improve your product or service. Unlike face-to-face communication where customers may be shy to impress their real opinions, emails allow them to keep straight to the point. Honest customer feedback is a great tool that helps you determine which services are in demand, what is the market is willing to pay and how you can change your product.
To sum up, there are numerous benefits of investing into high-performing email marketing UK but the most popular ones are global reach, increased sale conversion, repetitive sales and valuable feedback.

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