Five New Year resolutions (that you can actually stick to!)

It’s that time of year again: your New Year’s hangover is finally starting to fade, but what about all those plans you made for 2016?

It’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions but a little harder to actually follow them through. So instead of dusting off that gym membership how about setting some quick and achievable goals that will actually make you a better marketer?

We’ve taken five classic resolutions and applied them to tasks that are not only actually achievable (hurrah!) but guaranteed to see your marketing soar in the coming 12 months.

1. ‘Get organized’ – Clean up your desk…and your data

The classic ‘get your life organized’ resolution. But what does that actually mean? And where do you begin? Why not start small by cleaning up your desk and your desktop, and then your data? Cleaning up your data is key to successful data-driven marketing. To do this you should figure out what you need to keep about your customers and how you’re going to capture and store it.

Our worksheet ‘The fundamentals of automation‘ will help you get started with your marketing automation strategy.

2. ‘Keep up with technology’ – Make your emails mobile responsive

Okay, so this one might be a line you’d hear your grandma mutter – but keeping up with the latest tech trends could put you ahead of the curve. With that in mind, making your emails mobile responsive is essential for your 2016 marketing.

Make sure you’re on the right track with your mobile email design in the best practice guide ‘Designing email for mobile‘.

3. ‘Be more social’ – Integrate social with your emails

Maybe you missed too many parties last year, or you never called that friend back who wanted a catch-up drink. While upgrading Friday night TV for a night out is a bit more of a commendable resolution, we’ve got another…and it’s just as easy! If your social media or email marketing needs a bit of a boost, why not combine their tactics a little more? Try using social media buttons in your emails and adding links to newsletter sign-ups in your tweets.

For more tips and tricks like these, take a look at our infographic ‘Combining the power of email and social‘.

4. ‘Learn a new skill’ – Build landing pages that convert

This may be one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. So while your friends get to grips with trying to learn Spanish or play the piano, why not take our advice and learn to build landing pages that get the results you want for 2016? This task is easier than you might think and doesn’t have to involve coding.

To get started, download our best practice guide Getting the most from your landing pages.

5. ‘Get more done’ – Automate your marketing

Another classic resolution – ‘get more done’ – can relate to anything from checking off that never-ending DIY jobs list to taking on more projects at work. A resolution wanted by many but achieved by few, so why is this the case? For most people, it’s the same problem they had in 2015: lack of time. So, our final resolution – automate your email marketing – could finally put that one to bed. We know what you’re thinking: sounds like a big job. But we guarantee that once you’re set up, you’ll be spending far less time on your emails than in 2015. And once your times freed up you’ll be far closer to ticking off that ‘get more done’ resolution.

Take the first step today and download our strategy guide ‘Navigating the 5 stages of marketing automation‘ to get to grips with automation.

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