Five Email Marketing Trends To Incorporate In Your Campaign

High-impact email marketing campaigns are future-proof solutions delivering both quick wins and long term gains. Online marketing helps you maximise response rates, publicise your product and maintain your brand presence. If you want to take advantage of a high-performing campaign, then it’s time to look into top email marketing trends.


Personalised emails are essential for strengthening relations with existing customers and attracting new ones. When creating targeted email marketing templates update the demographic data of your subscribers and pay close attention to their preferences in order to tailor your emails effectively. Start personalisation with including one-two variables and add other ones when you find out more about your clients. In such a way your customers are very likely to feel valued and appreciated which is pivotal for establishing long-term relations. In addition, you can conduct online polls that are handy tools for keeping a good track record of service, quality, and satisfaction with your products.

Email templates for people on the go

Using mobile devices is a great trend that you can capitalise on for getting media exposure for your company. A great number of people are using their mobile devices on a regular basis for checking emails and updates. To capitalise on this trend you can create effective email marketing templates suitable for contemporary devices with mobile touch screens. Scalable fonts, links that can be touched and moused over, proper images may all be in good taste. Using single-column layouts, putting your call for action at the top of your message, leaving out all unnecessary details, using lists and white spaces all enhance your chances of being noticed.

Evolving Inbox settings

Consider the evolving Inbox settings in order to minimise the risk of being blocked or sorted out as spam. Smart spam filters often sort out online ads as spam and delete them, so your target audience never has a chance to take a look at your messages. Additionally, customers often prioritise their emails, which means that if they never open your messages they end up at the bottom of the list. That is why it is essential to hire qualified specialists to create white label email marketing solutions for effortless, bullet-proof online marketing.

Integration with social media marketing

The influence of popular social networks is great and you can take advantage of it when organising your high-performing email marketing campaign. Launching promotions via social sites, publishing reviews and ratings of products, arranging polls and discussions is useful for driving your business forward and getting a competitive edge. In addition, by providing email opt-ins you can target new subscribers at social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Keeping track of your campaigns

Using tracking or analytics software is not a luxury but a necessity to find out which aspects of your advertising are working and which ones don’t. Power marketers never underestimate the importance of combo link tracking and post-click analytics as these smart tools help calculate the exact number of conversion rates achieved by effective email marketing campaign. By regular evaluating you can get the idea how to improve your advertising tools and make more people interested in your products.

To sum up, effective online marketing works wonders for modern companies by boosting ROI, strengthening customer relations and increasing sales. If you want to arrange a successful campaign, pay close attention to the trends listed above.

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