Festive email favs – the round-up

Here at dotmailer, we love an email – especially at Christmas time. But they don’t need to be decorated with snowflakes or snowman gifs to catch our eye.

Whether it’s an innovative idea, catchy content or just the fact that the email contains a cute dog, we’ve picked five of our favorites from this year’s festive season.

#1: Have you hashtagged your hound?

#BarbourDogs. Need we say more? Who doesn’t love seeing a dog all cosy in a winter coat. We also liked Barbour’s multichannel approach by promoting its social campaign in the email.

#2: Duchamp delivers for Xmas dos

The holiday season is busy and don’t we know it. All of those presents to buy and all those parties to attend. That’s why we liked Duchamp’s Christmas outfit inspiration, delivered to the inboxes of those desperately trying to find something to don at the office do.

#3: Films to get you feeling all festive

We don’t know about you, but Christmas movies throw us right into the spirit of the festive season. That’s why we enjoyed ODEON’s email, which invites subscribers to celebrate the magic of Christmas with must-see releases and festive film favorites. What’s more, the email encourages customers to go back to its site time and time again by promoting all-year-round no online booking fees.

#4: Who wants sprouts when you can have Cabbages & Roses

There aren’t many better ways to measure the impact of an email campaign than by tempting customers to your site at a specific time of day for a special surprise. Cabbages & Roses’ email does just that.

#5: No-one’s too old for an advent calendar

Elemis provided another good example of encouraging email opens and click-throughs in the run-up to Christmas. The brand’s take on the traditional advent calendar revealed a special daily offer, and the gift finder call-to-action linked to a fab landing page. Those calendar chocolates are pretty measly, anyway.

There’s just one more thing … Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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