Facebook ‘Like’ Buttons Bringing Returns

Earlier this year, Facebook launched the ‘like’ button and enabled other websites to include it on their sites. This means that visitors can now ‘like’ products outside the Facebook ecosystem and still have this information fed into their profiles on the social network. For brands, it gives the opportunity for product information to be shared virally through the world’s most popular social network.

As with all these things, take-up has been gradual, but we’ve been getting more and more anecdotal, as well as statistical, evidence from the etailers we work with to suggest that the popularity of the ‘like’ button is increasing considerably. Not only that, but it is beginning to achieve real bottom line results.

With so much talk of social commerce but little evidence, it seems as though this trend might finally be a sign of things to come and could change the way we shop online.

Encouraging customers to ‘like’

One of the customers we work with has had the ‘like’ button on their website for a few months now. The retailer was keen to increase awareness of this feature, so it launched a competition in conjunction with the launch of a new product on the site. Customers were encouraged to ‘like’ the product and, when they did, they were automatically entered into a competition to win one of the new products.

The competition was incredibly successful, with 362 people taking part. As a result, traffic from Facebook increased significantly and sales from the referrals were strong too.

More engaged shoppers

The other interesting statistic recently from another client is that, while Facebook only brings in 1% of traffic to the site at the moment, these visitors engage with the site 15% more than visitors from other sources. This suggests that Facebook – if you get your strategy right – could become a great source of highly targeted, prequalified traffic for retailers.

And it is no surprise really as it has been proved time and time again that we trust the opinions and recommendations of our peers above and beyond anyone else.

While these are just two examples, it is really interesting to see that people are potentially beginning to change the way they behave online and that brands now have an opportunity to tap into these new channels and achieve positive return on investment.

What about your company? Have you tried Facebook like buttons? Have they worked? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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