London Email Marketing Meetup: TONIGHT

With signups hovering healthily around the 40 attendees mark, tonight’s first ever Email Marketing Tweetup looks like it should go off with a bang at De Hems Dutch Bar from 18:30. If you’re already signed up, we’ll see you there and if not, what the Email are you waiting for?

The Email Marketing Meetup has been created for everyone so if you’re doolally about deliverability or pre-occupied with personalization, this is the event for you. From amateurs to pros, developers to digital marketers, this is not a dotdigital Engagement Cloud meet-up (although we’ll be putting money behind the bar to get the party started) but well and truly London’s first proper Email Marketing Meetup!

Get yourself to the official Twtvite and put your name down so that one day you proudly tell your grandchildren that you were there from the beginning.

If for some reason you can’t make it tonight, keep an eye out tomorrow as we’ll be spilling all the gossip here on the blog including photos. Alternatively, the official hashtag #EmailMeetup

P.S. We’ve heard various demands for such events around the country- don’t worry, we’re listening…