Email: Still The Superstar At The B2B Marketing Table

Analytics & Insights company Kissmetrics recently wrote a great post about why regardless of the hype that social media has enjoyed over the past few years, as a marketer, you should ‘not put it ahead of email marketing’.

Email Is The ‘Hard Nut’ At The B2B Marketing Table

Email Is The ‘Hard Nut’ At The B2B Marketing Table

They boldly say that ‘email marketing still crushes social media marketing’ and they back the claim up with some pretty convincing statistics. They say that:

  • ‘Email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined’
  • Every web search made on every search engine every day equals just 1/100th of daily email traffic; and all the pages viewed on the entire web each day—including images and videos—use only a quarter of the bandwidth consumed by email’.
  • Business-minded people do not go to Facebook for private, 1-on-1 conversations’
  • ‘Customers already expect to get offers by email, and to buy things through email. So they not only have a high tolerance for offers, but they’re actually more likely to be in a buying frame of mind. They’re primed’.

While all things social media may be charming and enticing right now, if you prioritize social over email then you risk missing out on harnessing the potential of the real online marketing powerhouse that is email.

I wanted to delve a little deeper and so I’ve scoured the web for some more statistics, facts and considerations that prove that email is the place to be if as a B2B marketer you want to drive sales and increase conversions (and isn’t that all of us?)

  • In terms of average ‘add to cart rates’ per session, conversion experts ‘Monetate’ have found that email delivers on average a 10.91% conversion rate whereas Twitter, Facebook and the like lag behind at just 2.98%.
  • ‘Monetate’ also found that email converts almost 4% more than social does per session and that it delivers almost double the page views.
  • In addition to this, when you send an email to an active address, at least you know that it’ll arrive in your recipients inbox. The recipient will (one day) have to recognize your message (even if they choose to delete it). However, Wired have reported that on social platforms, using Twitter as the lead example, ‘71 per cent of tweets get absolutely no response from the world.’
  • Email also allows marketers to present a far broader marketing offer. Due to the absence of character restrictions, marketers who use email can use as many words and/or images they like to explain benefits and include a compelling call to action.

While of course I’m not presenting these stats as an condemnation for social media, it does and should cast doubt on the value of dedicating valuable resources to social media at the expense of your email marketing efforts.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below of tweet @dotmailer

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