Email Of The Week: World Cup Fever

As the World Cup approaches its grand final this Sunday, I thought I’d bring a World Cup theme to this week’s email review, and run a referee’s eye over a few of the many seasonal and World Cup themed emails we’ve seen here at dotMailer over the last few weeks.

See the three emails in full here.

New Look – Fashion or Football?newlook

New Look was quick off the mark with an email marketing campaign that tried to offer something for everyone. The email leads with a World Cup specific offer, but also highlights a dress sale for those less keen on wall-to-wall football.

We liked the way they use a time limited 20% offer in the subject line to tempt recipients to open the email.

We didn’t like the use of so many images with no web-text, making the email a touch difficult to read when viewing in a browser that has images turned off as standard.

figleavesFigleaves – Britnix

The lingerie retailer has put together a special line of knickers – called Britnix (get it?) – to help women everywhere support the England team.

We liked the link to a blog post, which adds value by providing more detail about the product through the form of an interview with the founder of the brand.

We didn’t like… there wasn’t much not to like about this email – no surprise Figleaves came second in our recent Hitting the Mark benchmark report!

Harrods – From Glasto to Ascotharrods

Finally, upmarket Harrods obviously feels it’s customers are less inclined to be watching the football, but instead prefer other outdoor pursuits, as its email provides everything and anything you might want for a trip to a festival and/or the races. Knowing your audience is key after all!

We liked the use of links to the company’s social media channels in the email.

We didn’t like that the products weren’t ‘linkable’ and that there were no prices in the email. However, this was made up by the fact each section of the email linked through to a campaign specific landing page. These links could have been slightly more obvious however, to encourage click-throughs.

Three sporting examples here demonstrating the effectiveness of running seasonal-specific email campaigns.

footballAt dotMailer we took a similar approach by tying in our June offer of 1/3 off all our email marketing templates and designs. We put a floating closing date on the offer – for as long as England stayed in the tournament. So not too long then, sadly.

To make up for England’s early exit from the World Cup, we’ve extended the offer regardless, so you can still get 1/3 off our email template designs – until Friday July 16th. Click here or call us on 0845 339 917 to find out more.

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