Email marketing solutions – the complete package

How does your business communicate with your customers? While you may be used to using email to talk to your suppliers and industry peers, you could be missing out on increased revenue and sales if you don’t use all the tools at your disposal to interact with your customers, including email. Marketing solutions are the sum of many parts, and ignoring email as a marketing tool could be costing your business money

It’s not just about newsletters

Email marketing solutions isn’t just about sending out regular newsletters to customers who have signed up. While these customers represent a strong ‘warm lead’ and potentially an easy sale, effective email marketing solutions will encompass a broader range of issues, tactics and sales techniques. To learn how to do this for yourself can take time, so if you’re thinking about using email as part of your marketing strategy (and you should be!), the best option is to talk to a professional email marketing solutions agency.

Enterprise or sustained growth?

Before you decide which email marketing solutions you need, you have to determine what you want to achieve from your campaign. If you are a small business just starting out, then the driving force will be to build up a database of interested customers as quickly as possible. If you’re already an established business it will be to reinforce your position with your customers and draw in new trade as well. To be able to achieve this you have to be sure that your email campaign is effective.

An agency that offers a comprehensive package of email marketing solutions won’t just be looking at the end product – the email itself. They will include a range of business tools to assess and correlate the data that your campaign generates. They will provide you with mappable data on how many responses your emails are generating, how many customers ‘bounce’ and how many take up the call to action and proceed further along your business roadmap. With historical mapping, you can see what is effective and what isn’t and adjust forthcoming campaigns accordingly to generate the best ROI.

Leaving a paper trail

Part of any email marketing solution is the ability to track responses through to your website. How many of your email subscribers are visiting your website, encouraged by your newsletter or email? This is crucial information that can help you to plan a stronger call to action, for example by providing email customers with an exclusive discount voucher code for use on your website. By linking your email campaign in with your wider marketing strategy, you can encourage those warm leads to convert into cash sales more quickly and more effectively. Email marketing solutions don’t just look at the email side of your campaign, they will also consider how it fits into your overall strategy and help you to forge strong links within that matrix that results in a higher return on your complete marketing investment.

Email marketing solutions work for any sized business – from one-man operations through to multi-national corporations. We almost all use emails to communicate on a daily basis. It makes business sense to utilise this arena as a business opportunity as effectively as possible. If you’re not sure about how to get the best usage out of your email contacts list, talk to an email marketing solutions agency and discover just how powerful a business tool your ‘outbox’ can be!

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