Email Marketing Software As An Effective Means Of Boosting Your Business

Digital marketing has become a big business in the recent years, with an ever growing number of email marketing software entering the market every now and then. Email is an effective and efficient means of attracting customers and promoting repeat business by communicating the latest news to them at a swift rate. If you still have doubts about its cost-effectiveness and productivity, here are a few reasons for its ever growing popularity with small to large businesses.

Impressive return on investment

72 per cent of respondents surveyed at the beginning of 2011 described return on investment (ROI) as excellent or good. According to research, email marketing was expected to generate an ROI of around £20 for every pound spent on it in 2010. The figures show that it outperformed other direct marketing channels examined in the same year, including print catalogues. No wonder the demand for email marketing software has significantly escalated from then on, with 63 per cent of businesses intending to increase the amount of money spent on email marketing and 29 per cent of respondents claiming to keep spending constant. A 2010 expert report on the effectiveness of social media revealed promotional emails were the second biggest influence on retail website visits.

Advanced tools of monitoring and reporting

In the modern business world, monitoring results of a marketing campaign is often regarded as the key to success and reducing costs. Tracking effectiveness of a particular marketing medium on a regular basis and getting reports on customer response allows companies to make timely adjustments if things aren’t going the right way; this is why an increasing number of businesses opt for email marketing software these days. Most email marketing services provide access to a cutting-edge reporting system that informs business owners who opens their mail, who clicks through to the target website, what links are usually clicked on etc. Being informed about response rates typical of a particular segment in a particular area can help create a clear-cut picture of the world market and tailor the marketing campaign on time for maximum results.

Teaming it up with other media

Teamed with telesales, email marketing can appear to be an efficient means of enhancing brand awareness and sales. According to estimates, if a telemarketing call is made after the recipient has opened the electronic message, general interest to the entire campaign can skyrocket by up to 70 per cent. Once the commercial has been broadcast, businesses relying on email marketing software can automatically monitor who has opened their mailings and contact subscribers to find out if they would like to receive additional information. In this case, email is used as an effective pre-screening tool for narrowing down the mailing list and focusing on subscribers who show an interest in products and services advertised.

Business is usually about earning a substantial profit at minimum expense. Being a great way of saving on advertising costs and increasing revenues simultaneously, email marketing software may appear to be the smartest choice for small to large companies looking to boost their sales at lower costs. Email promotions and offers are known to generate instant action, while informative newsletters can send people to online and offline shops, build consumer awareness, strengthen a business-to-customer relationship, encourage trust and cement loyalty. With novel email marketing strategies appearing on the market time and again, even greater rates of success can be obtained by businesses relying on email marketing.

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