Email Marketing – How To Reduce Your Unsubscribe Rate

With any email marketing campaign, you are essentially trying to build your brand awareness, your customer base and ultimately achieve an increase in business revenue.

But what is an email marketing solution and how can it help you and your company? For a start, you need to think about what it is you want to improve about your business. What is the area you need to promote and which products and services you need to improve sales for? By considering these aspects of your business, you are forming a potential email marketing campaign that you can utilise to market your business to the outside world.

Once you’ve decided on your email theme, and your subject/pitch, you need to get sending those emails. By signing up to a reputable email marketing solution you can deliver your message cost-effectively to a wide reach of individuals. Firstly, you need to start by looking online for a reputable email marketing provider.

It is recommended that you sign up with a company that provides a full email marketing solution. A professional, experienced email marketing provider will be able to ensure that your campaigns go into inboxes rather than junk mail and provide tried and tested templates to get the most out of your email. Essentially, a full email marketing provider can ensure that your money is well spent and your campaign is successful.

Today’s email marketing begins with inviting your target contacts to submit their email addresses and join your emailing list. But how can you ensure that you continue to add new subscribers without losing existing subscribers? There are a few handy hints and tips which can be utilised to ensure that your email marketing solution isn’t in vain, that your subscriber numbers continue to rise and your unsubscribe rate remains low.

The first tip is to only send your email once it’s ready. Ensure you aren’t repeating information that isn’t necessary. One way of losing subscribers is repetition along with publication of uninteresting information. Make your emails catchy, colourful and full of information that retains the attention of the reader. This means possibly adding links to videos on You Tube, setting up HTML emails with images, catchy news stories and relevant information that is new and fresh. One dud lifeless email marketing campaign is all it takes for your unsubscribe rate to take a hammering, so before committing to emailing thousands, get the opinion of colleagues, friends and family.

Before clicking ‘send’ it is a good idea is to ensure your content is fully tested in various email clients; Hotmail, Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010, Yahoo, Google Mail etc. If you are using HTML email formatting based on CSS the format of the email can go from looking beautiful to un-professional and – at worst – completely illegible in certain mail inboxes. That said, if you are distributing through a fully supported email marketing solution, the providers own testing on their email templates will give you more time to focus on the email content.

The most important email marketing solution is to test the optimum number of campaigns you should send within a given time frames. Choose your campaigns carefully, get the content right and the target audience right, and you will have a happy, successful email marketing solution.

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