Does your email marketing need a new prescription

Being an email marketer, it’s funny how often you bump into something that makes you think of work!

A little while ago after visiting the doctor, I received an email about ordering repeat prescriptions. So far, so good you’d think; some good targeting going on there.

But when I gave it a read, what struck me were all the missed opportunities. For example, the email ‘from address’ was totally unrecognisable, and there was litte in the way of clever personalisation that you often see in the private sector. What’s more, it’s the only email (indeed, the only communication of all types) I’ve had from them in the last 18 months or so. It was an interesting message to kick off our e-relationship.

Why be a stranger?

Someone has clearly thought: “look how technology can replace all the letters and paperwork we used to send out” but without really driving the strategy home. Replacing letters with email is all well and good but it’s just a tiny piece of the whole picture.
If you’re really trying to change user behaviour, you have to reinforce your message at every opportunity. Why didn’t it come from a recognisable source? Why hadn’t just a little more thought been put into joining all this up?

Considering the recent news from The Telegraph that just 89 patients signed up to a new initiative allowing them to contact their GP by email, you sort of get the feeling that some of these schemes are missing that element of co-ordination that could really generate mainstream adoption.

Part of this has to be down to the marketing strategy. How many of you even knew the “email your GP” scheme was out there? If you don’t publicise these initiatives, how do you expect anyone to take them up? When are organisations like these going to learn to make the most of digital marketing?

A Common Diagnosis

In a similar way, there are many companies who use email marketing tools but are failing to make the full use of key features. Ironically, these can often be ones they highlighted rapturously when putting out their tender. You almost have to ask whether marketers have enough time to make the most of these features – and we should certainly consider how you can help them really get their money’s worth from them.
Naturally there’s the option of many “managed services” out there but to really keep things simple, we’ve spent a lot of time revising our welcome programme for customers who start using our tools. Sophisticated triggers cater for more than 40 different possible points in the onboarding lifecycle or different approaches to it. But you don’t necessarily need to invest in it that heavily to get results.

One step at a time

Sometimes it’s a matter of starting small. Roll out one email to say hello and establish the relationship. From there, you can start to implement more copy, perhaps reach out once a week. That only means 52 emails a year. Even if you just decide to go monthly, that’s 12 emails and, with all the tracking and analysis available, you’ll begin to literally see the results.
So start small, forget the fear factor and get stuck in. We’re with you every step of the way. We’ve done this before, we know how to monitor it and we know how to help you develop the best possible strategy.or most people emails are just tools for sending or receiving mails. They think that as they’re nothing but electronic letters, they require no further sophistication at all. But they often forget that eye catching free email templates can become a significant tool of an email marketing campaign aimed at boosting sales and bringing top delivery rates of your emails.

Email marketing is one of the most effective means of Internet marketing as it doesn’t cost pots of money but reaches out to your potential customers in a matter of minutes. Today it’s possible to find thousands of email templates online and it doesn’t take much time or effort to learn how to use them. Quality is a stumbling block here, however.

A large number of amateur designers create not-too-impressive email templates for less money but they aren’t likely to be as efficient as free email templates offered by design gurus. If you want your email marketing campaign to be a success, consider referring to a team of dedicated email marketing professionals who can help promote your business by using a winning strategy.

This strategy might include all important features from data management, development of email templates, data import and export as well as many others. Needless to say, any email marketing campaign starts with choosing professional and versatile templates, either free email templates or unique email templates built by designers from scratch.

If your company has an experienced team of designers, you may consider signing up for free, generic email marketing templates. As a matter of fact, these templates are extremely easy to edit, so you can add your own text, graphics, logos and images without difficulty. Most email marketing agencies have free template galleries, where you can look at some of the examples and choose the most suitable one for your high-impact and ROI-boosting email marketing campaign.

On the other hand, if you want a full service, your free email templates can be easily personalised for your brand by qualified experts without breaking the bank. You can choose to personalise your company logo, your company name or strapline, your corporate branding colour where appropriate, as well as your registered company address and registration number.

Similarly, if you want your email marketing template to be professionally designed from scratch but don’t have enough time or resources for doing it yourself, addressing a highly qualified team is the only option you have. It’s better to look for the design agency which has a long-term experience in this sphere and has been designing professional-looking and highly effective email templates for many years. Usually, such agencies offer creating either a one-off campaign or a reusable template which can be then easily edited and updated.

Nonetheless, choosing high-impact free email templates is only half the job. There are a number of tools which need to be applied to ensure that your emails get maximum reach. These tools may include personalising your emails, adding dynamic content, setting up triggered emails and others. By personalising your emails you can achieve higher response rates from your customers.

You can personalise your emails by name or product name as well as by up to 400 different fields in one single email. Personalisation of emails helps tailor your online marketing campaign so that different groups of customers receive different content. These data segments allow you to create unlimited triggered email campaigns saving you time and money and generating response.

By and large, professional-looking free email templates are an important part of contemporary email marketing solutions. Instead of having a usual email layout, consider creating one which can generate high response rates and help achieve maximum results.

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