Email just loves Social Media

Social media is on the agenda of practically every industry event these days, and with good reason. Marketers at all levels are hungry for advice and case studies to help them see how and where social media can help them communicate with their audiences.

Research from the eMarketer echoes this sentiment exactly, revealing that whilst in 2009 email marketers started to ‘get’ social media, in 2010, email marketers will increasingly start to see it as a “friend, partner and ally”.

The study found that a whopping 81% agreed that social media extends the reach of email content to new markets and 78% said it increases brand reputation and awareness. Social media is not a threat to email as it can create deeper connections and provides new avenues for sharing and engaging customers and prospects.

We couldn’t agree more so we’ve jotted down our top 5 tips for all email marketers looking to increase the value of their email marketing through social media.

  • Include social media sharing links in your emails – if your recipient sees some really great content in your newsletter that they want to share with their friends, make it easy for them to add it to Facebook or Twitter
  • Don’t duplicate content – remember your recipients may well be following you on social networks too, so try and send out complimentary content rather than duplicate
  • Encourage engagement – the great advantage of social media is that your fans or followers can strike up a discussion with your brand. If you have something controversial in your email or want to gather opinions, why not ask your recipients to reply through social channels?
  • Cross promote – make sure you include links to your social media channels in your email marketing messages and do the same through social networks too, for example, encourage your followers to subscribe to your newsletters, you could even offer a discount as an incentive and then use this to track its effectiveness
  • Be personal – social media interactions work best when they come from a ‘real person’. So if your email is from a particular person within your organisation, make sure you include their personal social media contact details too

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