Driving CRM activity from dotmailer’s multichannel program builder

If you haven't already heard, this year at dotmailer towers we're all about multichannel marketing. Bringing our blend of ease and speed of use to better enable multichannel marketers to engage in meaningful dialogue across every customer touch point. We have some exciting enhancements planned to our already much acclaimed program builder to enable this but, what does this mean for users of our dotmailer for CRM product?

As well as benefiting from the cross channel automation possibilities of the improved dotmailer program builder, dotmailer for Salesforce & dotmailer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users will also be able to drive activity in CRM from within automated marketing programs.

What does the feature do?

This enhancement to our program builder will allow, at any stage in an automation program, for a lead, contact or activity to be created within CRM. Our ‘out of the box’ launch partners for this are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM however there is scope for bespoke integration with any CRM solution. The possibilities are endless but here are a few examples of how this functionality could be used in practice:

  • Create a call back activity for a sales rep once a prospect reaches a specific stage in an email nurture program
  • Notify an account manager if a customer views a section on your website as a result of an up-sell program
  • Create leads in CRM only when a prospect is at an appropriate stage in their decision making process


Ultimately, by bridging a gap between sales and marketing, this functionality allows for more timely and relevant conversations to be had with your customers and prospects.

What does this mean to:

A marketer?

Traditionally our integration with Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been dependant on CRM data driving email, and now multichannel automation. This features flips that on its head. No longer do marketing teams need to load up CRM with cold data. They can leverage the automation capabilities of dotmailer to warm data up and create marketing qualified leads (MQLs) before passing this data over the fence into CRM and ultimately their sales team. This allows marketing teams to provide only good quality, highly qualified leads to CRM.

A salesperson?

No longer does a sales person need to trawl through pages and pages of leads, re-actively searching for any positive engagement they may have exhibited across the web, email & social.  Being provided only with highly qualified leads means sales teams can spend time and effort with those prospects who are at the right stage in their purchase journey and who have a highly likely to convert.  On top of this, when a lead is created for the sales team, all email, web, survey & social reporting data associated with the prospect gets appended.  This gives the sales person full visibility into marketing’s efforts and allows them to have very well informed conversations when they do pick up the phone.

A system admin?

In a nutshell, less redundant data!  So, from a data perspective it makes the life of an admin much more efficient, giving them time back for other, higher impact tasks.  A CRM system should be, among other things, an authority database for all active, genuine leads, contacts and customers, not a catch all data storage solution.  Having a system in place that ensures only qualified data is presented to the CRM means less inactive, cold records are clogging it up.  It also makes it less likely that genuine active records get lost amongst the noise of inactive data.

For more information on this functionality contact us.  Also, make sure you stay tuned to this blog for more info about new dotmailer Winter ’15 features being announced in the coming weeks.

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