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Hi everyone – it’s me again, with your weekly digestible roundup of all our top content from dotdigital…but this time we’re summarizing it on Monday, for you to digest it over your morning shot of coffee.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend – what did you get up to? Any top tips you can give me for an escape from boredom? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment if you have any good ideas you would like to share.

Here’s the content to look out for

Last week we had a busy week full of loads of great content to help you guys out. You won’t want to miss any of this:

Give your brand some TLC

Firstly, we have a couple of webinars that I think are important for any business in the ecommerce world. In these new circumstances, we explore where to focus your online marketing efforts to give you the best chance of maintaining your brand profile and riding out the storm ahead, with special guest – Chris Nawrocki, Growth Strategist from Les Girls Les Boys. After all – the show must go on.

We also have another upcoming webinar (tomorrow!) which will cover recent trends in paid media and digital marketing and look at changes in consumer behavior since COVID-19.

Omnichannel marketing 101

We’ve written the ultimate omnichannel marketing guide – one that debunks the word ‘omnichannel’ and makes it a much less scary word. The 101 guide is split into three sections: the first deals with all the data you need to connect; the second goes through the different channels that need integrating; and the third highlights how to streamline your messaging strategy – with a best-in-class example of how that looks to the omnichannel customer. Definitely one for your content bank!

10 email programs to increase your revenue

Replicating the offline experience online doesn’t have to be a hard task. Email is the perfect channel to do just that. We’ve scoured our bank of content for the best guide to help you increase revenue – through 10 must-have automation. See how big brands get the right message to the right person at the right time, automatically. Let automation do the work! Download this piece of content to understand what data you need and how to use it for a winning automation strategy.   

6 ways to create a winning customer experience

Our valued partner, BigCommerce, has written us a highly insightful blog about how ecommerce marketers can drive a better customer experience. The article talks about why customer experience matters, the difference between CX and UX, plus six ways you can create the best customer experience, from personalization techniques to simple things like making products easy to find on your website. It’s a really insightful read!

Watch out for our upcoming release

And finally, I have a sneak peek into our next release for you: the premise is all around personalization – the crux of it will be that contextual, personalized experiences ultimately sell more. Check out this blog for more info. Our release drops this Wednesday, so be on the lookout. Make sure you’re signed up so you’re the first to know…

See you next week!

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