dotmailer’s top 10 hidden gems – part 2

In part one of this blog, I took you through five of the most common dotmailer features our users sometimes don’t know about. Here’s another five – perhaps you’ll find something here that you can use and make your job simpler.

6) Campaign feeds

Q: How do I easily show my previous newsletters on my website? They contain so much content that I’d like to make more of!



I get it. You spend days – often weeks – crafting the best newsletter, and then you send it and it’s… gone. Make that content permanently available by adding an automatic feed of your campaigns to your site. Go to Campaigns > Advanced features > Feeds to grab the embed code for you website. If you only want to include some of your campaigns, you can filter by tag, too.

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7) Drag and drop image upload

Q: It’s almost 2015. I use a modern browser. Why can’t I upload images more quickly?



If you’re going to Images > Add and browsing for the right image to upload, then here’s an alternative: drag an image from your computer straight to EasyEditor’s image panel, and it’ll upload right away. I know, the future’s awesome, right?

8) Twitter subscribers

Q: I write really great tweets. How can I get Twitter users into my address books?



The answer to this one is a little more complex. In fact, a little while ago I thought it deserved its own blog post – and that’s the best place to go to learn more. But it is possible, and once it’s set up, it’s a really neat trick to grow your lists.

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9) Regular email reports

Q: I like your reports. But I wish I could get them automatically emailed to me. And my boss.



You can get daily or weekly summary reports emailed to you and up to four others (recipients don’t need to be dotmailer users, so they’re a great way for sending summaries to your manager) by going to Campaigns > My campaigns > Outbox > Manage my email updates. You can also do this whilst you’re viewing any campaign report.

10) Multilingual unsubscribe pages

Q: I now know that I can get the app in my language. But how do I make sure the unsubscribe page is in the right language for my contacts?



This is another great ‘do nothing’ answer. If a contact of yours clicks the unsubscribe link in one of your campaigns (or the forward to a friend link), we’ll look at the language their browser is set to. We’ll then show the unsubscribe page in that language (we support up to 19!).

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As this blog isn’t for numerical purists, I’m adding in a bonus eleventh gem. But I’ll make it a good one…

Q: I wish I didn’t have to share my password with colleagues…



Wait, you do what? You can make things much more secure. If you have colleagues that use your dotmailer account too, then they can each be their own user. It’s easier, safer and doesn’t cost a thing. Just get the account holder to go to My Account > Manage users > Add user. You’ll get to pick what they can and can’t do, too!

There could have been so much more!

There were plenty of choices when it came to this blog. If you have a favorite ‘hidden gem’, I’d love to hear it. Alternatively, if you wish dotmailer did something that it doesn’t, you can start or join the conversation over on our feature requests form.

See part 1 in the blog series.

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