dotmailer’s top 10 hidden gems – part 1

The blog series about the features you never knew we had.

I’ll admit it: despite our intuitive app (ok, I’m biased), our comprehensive knowledge base (still biased) and our 24 hour support team, I occasionally get asked when dotmailer will do this or that. And often I go, “but it already does…”

It’s not because our features really are hidden. But dotmailer does a *lot*, and remembering everything it does right when you need it is tough. And so I’m listing the top 10 questions I get, as an aide-memoire should you need it.

1) The approval tool

Q: How can I ensure my campaigns are checked and proofed before being sent? 



We have an approvals system that’ll do that. If you set a user to *not* have the ‘Can send without approval’ permission, all their campaigns will require approval from the account holder before they can be sent. Sends that are not approved will go back to the user for fixing.

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2) Reusable blocks

Q: I’ve just created the most useful block in EasyEditor. How can I save it to use again?



Make it reusable! Drag a block (or group of blocks) onto the EasyEditor side panel, and let go. You’ll be asked to give your block a name, and it’ll be saved under the ‘My building blocks’ section, ready for you to use again in any campaign.

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3) Auto CAPTCHAs

Q: How do I stop spam responses to my surveys?



Answer? You do nothing. Literally, nothing. The survey tool constantly monitors the responses you’re getting, and if they start looking suspicious it’ll start displaying a CAPTCHA (CAPTCHAs are the ‘type in what you see’ challenges you get when signing up for stuff). Once it’s happy that your respondents are human, it’ll stop. (Incidentally, if you want to turn this feature *off*, you can do so from the Surveys and forms settings page.)

4) Multilingual interface

Q: English isn’t my native language. I wish I could use dotmailer in French. Or German. Or…



You can set your account to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Russian by going to My Account > Account settings.

If you’re across the pond, and you prefer ‘ize’ to ‘ise’, then you can also choose US English.

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5) Report filtering

Q: I often wish I could compare the performance of a campaign split by the address books and segments I sent it to. Can you build this?



We already have! Ever noticed the ‘Filter’ dropdown on reports? This allows exactly that: you can show statistics only for contacts in chosen address books, segments and custom filters.

What’s more, if you compare two or more campaigns, you can filter them in the same way.

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See part 2 in the blog series.

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