DotMailer’s New Drag & Drop Dynamic Content Editor – Marketing Automation In Minutes

Dynamic Content is a powerful way to automatically target your email campaign content to each individual recipient.

Imagine being able to define and create powerful, rule-based dynamic content in your campaigns, in minutes – just by dragging & dropping. Well guess what? In dotMailer, now you can.

  • Drag dynamic content elements straight into your campaign template
  • Drag and drop text and images to create dynamic content variations in minutes
  • Easily define dynamic content rules with our new drag & drop query builder
  • Clone dynamic content and rules in a mouse click for use in other campaigns

If you’re a dotMailer user, from today you’ll find a new Dynamic Content option in the Elements toolbar. By simply dragging this into your campaign like you do any other element you will be able to create, edit and setup all your dynamic content directly in the EasyEditor, so you can see how it looks straight away – loads of time saved!

Define rules with our brand new drag & drop query builder

Our new dynamic content feature also makes it dead easy for you to define the rules that decide which recipient sees which piece of content. We’ve created a brilliant drag & drop query builder so you can quickly, easily and visually define the criteria that will automate your dynamic content – however simple or complex the rules are.










Re-using content across campaigns

Want to re-use Dynamic Content from another campaign, no problem! We aim to make everything as easy as possible so we’ve added a cloning feature enabling you to easily copy content from other campaigns, we are good to you.

Don’t worry, you can still access the old version so any Dynamic Content you currently have won’t be lost.

Click here for a quick how to guide to using the new Dynamic Content feature

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Technical updates to dotdigital

When our customers interact with dotdigital platforms, they do so using HTTPS.  The “S” stands for Secure, and all the data sent and received during that interaction with our platform is encrypted; meaning no one can read…

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