dotMailer’s 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Skip Fidura, our Client Services Director, kicks off the next phase in our customer service improvement program.

This year, our company’s focus is on how email marketing automation is key to the transformation of the digital experience – of how we can humanise digital conversations, empowering business enterprises to be relevant and personal, at scale. We want to give you the tools to truly connect with your customers and users.

We also want to practice what we preach however, so on Monday June 2 we are launching the dotMailer Customer Satisfaction Survey. It’s really important to us, that we understand how you feel about the service you receive, the products you use and dotMailer as a whole.  Feedback plays a vital role in helping us improve not just your experience, but also how dotMailer functions as a key component of your business –an extension of your own marketing team.

In 2013, you told us:

You wanted more help and advice with your Email Marketing Campaigns

In response, we grew our Account Management team by around 30%, our Managed Services team added new design and project management expertise to step up the level of email design and campaign management we offer, and our Training team increased the volume and diversity of its offering. In addition, our Expert Services team has grown, to include additional specialities from the worlds of data, analytics and ecommerce to serve a greater breadth of clients’ needs.

You Wanted More Support

We expanded our Support team and extended our support hours. We’ve also made it easier to get in touch with us, developing in-app and live on-demand chat request services that put you in touch with the technical expertise that you need. Our customer response times are at their lowest ever, and we’re not looking to stop improving.

You Wanted to See More Email Marketing Best Practice

We’ve invested resources into extensive research programs with partners such as eConsultancy, increasing the number of whitepapers, industry benchmarks client case studies and blog content available in our resource centre. It’s only through listening to your feedback that we can continue to strive to be the number one email marketing automation solution, not just in the UK but worldwide.

Keep an eye on your inbox for my email; we look forward to hearing from you.

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