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Hey! It's Ellen and Ross here. We'll be keeping you up to date with the goings on of dotmailer's inaugural Summit. There's a fantastic line-up and we're excited to be sharing all the highlights with you. Stay tuned throughout the day!

The order of the day:

  • Ellen and Ross will be covering all the morning’s events, which includes an introduction from dotmailer’s founders, plus presentations from Rory Sutherland, Touker Suleyman, Forrester’s Shar VanBoskirk and many more
  • In the afternoon, Ross will be reporting on the ‘Digital excellence’ stream while Ellen provides highlights from ‘The ecommerce gameplan’
  • Finally, Ellen takes to the blog to share the stories from James Cracknell OBE’s motivational finale keynote

You can see the full line-up on the dedicated Summit microsite.

The dotdigital Summit is here!
It’s Ellen and Ross here (and our furry friend Winston). We’ll be live blogging throughout the event and we can’t wait to share the best bits with you.

17 years in the making
dotdigital’s founders, Simon Bird and Tink Taylor, open the 2017 Summit. The pair talk about their vision of the company and the platform more than 17 years ago, and give a run-down of the order of the day. Are you at the event? Don’t forget to download and get involved with our polls.

Oh… and we can’t forget those who were named today’s #SelfieMasters. Winston our Watchdog is pleased to have so many friends today. We’re waiting for your photos!

Mastering the future of marketing
Rory Sutherland, Vice President, Ogilvy Group UK speaking now on the future of marketing.

UX strategy has changed
On the psychology of UX design in digital marketing: we now need to be concerned with the target mood, the target mindset and the target moment.

The ‘innervation’ sweet spot
Technology; psychology; complexity economics: the sweet spot for ROI is right in the middle of these three things.

You can mute the self-service machine at the supermarket – a great takeaway!

Make pertinent measurements
Having a framework for understanding behavioural science will help your business create better UX.

Two key takeaways for UX testing
Don’t just test the things that make sense; test the things that don’t. And test communicative things, because your competitors won’t.

Don’t be afraid to test a little wider, darling
Economic dogma means we test far too little and far too narrowly. It is much easier to get fired for being illogical than for being unimaginative

It pays to advertise
Advertising is a reliable sign of the faith you have in the futurity of your own product or service.

Exclusive: Skip reveals the highlights of our latest Hitting the Mark report
The dotdigital Summit marks the soft launch of our 2016/17 Hitting the Mark benchmarking study. Skip Fidura, our Client Services Director, reveals this year’s winners and some of the hottest trends to emerge from our evaluation of 100 retail brands.

Mobile commerce is on the rise
70% of all transactions will happen on a mobile by the end of 2017 (Criteo).

71% of brands in the study offered an alternative payment option such as PayPal. Retailers are clearly listening to customers’ needs.

14% of brands didn’t send a welcome email
Welcome programs are basic, yet 14% of brands didn’t send us a welcome email on sign-up.
What’s more, 60% didn’t send an abandoned cart notification.

Time for a true fire-breather!
We’re now hearing from Touker Suleyman, Entrepreneur, Dragon and owner of Hawes and Curtis.

Technology adds value to big business giants
Suleyman sees himself as a customer with a sea of technology agencies and solutions to choose from. He thanks dotdigital for superseding his expectations when it comes to email.

Up now: AI panel
How do you define AI? The panel discusses the extent at which AI can emulate a human being’s creativity.

Rory gives his view on AI
Rory suggests that AI could be a threat. By replacing humans, you’re potentially at risk of losing human judgement.
He suggests that AI can help to point things out that a human might not notice.

Can AI replace humans?
Will AI replace the marketing or creative department? Shar suggests that people’s roles will change. Machine learning plus the human mind can work in harmony to achieve advancement.

dotdigital and AI
What will dotdigital do in the AI space? Automation is the back bone of AI and it won’t be years until there’s an all-encompassing solution that’s widely adopted.

We have our Watchdog that uses machine learning and it isn’t new, days Simon Bird.

Shar VanBoskirk and AI
Technology isn’t a replacement; it’s an enabler.

The age of the customer: Forrester’s Shar VanBoskirk
How has tech changed consumerism?

– Thanks to digital devices, customers are empowered. We have access to more information than ever before. And we can get what we want in our moments of need.

– The digital distinction has dissolved. We don’t distinguish between a digital and non-digital experience; the two are blended together.

– Digital insights fuel business strategy. Intimate insights are now available to businesses to determine how they operate. Energy smart meters are a great example of this, because utility companies can shape their prices based on usage plus locality.

Three rules for the post-digital marketer
Be human – collaborate and procreate with the customer
Be helpful – customer need isn’t just the priority of the CS team. the role of the marketing team in the CX age is to inform its company on customer need.

Be a new-age marketer
How can marketing inform the company you’re in and solve your customer’s problems? What do your customers need?

Win in customer moments
I’m not the same consumer in moment to moment; for example, my location and my stress levels change constantly.

Harness customer context
Email is one of the easiest mediums in which to reach customers with the right content at the right times.

Context in email
Crate and Barrel sent an email to a colleague who was moving – ‘Let us help you get settled’, based on customer data.

What can you do with email?
Email can be a concierge vehicle for your post-digital marketing. Get context-driven marketing out to the right customers at exactly the right time. Thank you Shar!

Jarrett Vaucher – Loyalty Analytics, Copa Airlines
Now Loyalty Analytics Manager at Copa Airlines, Jarrett Vaucher has a passion for data and strategy. Since the brand launch in March of 2015, Jarrett has relied heavily on email as the principal vehicle for achieving the program’s customer acquisition goals and lifecycle strategy.

Email is in the pilot seat for Copa Airlines
Jarrett talks about Copa’s loyalty program – part of the Star Alliance. 53,264,063 emails have been sent since the program went live. Email is in the pilot seat! It enables the brand drive acquisition and increase spend at a very granular one-to-one level.

Digital loyalty drives huge savings
Digital credentials over plastic loyalty cards saved Copa $900,000 in costs.

Lightening talks with dotdigital partners. First up: Klevu
Lisa More, UK Head of Sales @ Klevu – the instant site search solution for ecommerce stores:
in 2010 only 3% sales were carried out on mobile; this is no longer the case.
Only a third of marketers optimize for mobile – what is responsible for this latency?
Klevu specialize in semantic search tech and natural language processing, which helps to build trust, eradicate consumer frustration, and ultimately increase ROI.

A special announcement…
Lisa is thrilled to announce the Klevu integration for dotdigital!

Lightning Talks: Fresh Relevance
Next up is Eddy Swindell, Co-founder of Fresh Relevance
Fresh Relevance is a SaaS marketing platform providing real-time engagement marketing, and specializes in social proof They have a direct connector with dotdigital.

What is ‘social proof’? ‘Social proof’ is a psychological phenomenon where people reference the behavior of others in order to guide their own.

Lightning Talks – Nosto
Nosto analyzes your customers’ behaviour, learning their likes and dislikes and enables you to deliver automated, personalized recommendations in real-time. The Nosto for dotdigital connector allows you to make use of the intelligence of Nosto to promote right products to the right audience in your newsletters or any other emails you’re sending.

How can you get to grips with data? Data is a stumbling block for many marketers (as shown today by the dotmailer Summit Slido poll. Nosto helps customers capture behavioral data in real time, analyze it, and put it to use in different channels. For those in the early stages of building an ecommerce business – Google the anatomy of an ecommerce store. For those looking to make their data work for them, get in touch with Nosto!

Lighting Talks: Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a global online review community. The new Trustpilot and dotdigital connector allows clients to pull ratings and reviews of products into email templates.

When you buy online, you actually buy a promise, not a product. It’s all dependent on trust – and it’s crucial to instill trust in your brand. Trustpilot lets you shout about your brand’s trust promise. They’re integrated with dotmailer so you can pull Trustpilot reviews into your campaigns right now!

Lightening Talks: Ahmed Eltohamy, Managing Director @ smartimpact
smartimpact is a dynamic boutique CRM agency, specializing in the customization of Microsoft Dynamics. The company designs open-platform software, so you can tailor it to your business’ needs, They usually augment their customization of MS Dynamics with dotdigital.

Digital excellence stream: dotdigital’s CMO Philip Draper talks design
Phil has a background in design and the subject is very close to his heart. His session outlined the link between design and success, and here are the highlights:

Design can be seen to deliver measurable results and instantly, as well as long-term benefits.

A new email design for dotdigital drove up content downloads by 260%, with click-to-open rates up by 63%.

Good design enables faster, smarter, better comms. Modern life is busy and time is the most precious commodity we have today.

Design is about putting across your business proposition and making it appealing to the consumer. The practice used to be called graphic design, then web and digital design, then UX, but now it’s CX design. If you see bad design you think it’s a ‘ bad company’.

“Creativity is not a talent; it’s a way of operating.” — John Cleese.

Design is not just a designer’s job. It can be a brand’s key differentiator.

Skip Fidura – Food for thought: consumer experience
There are a number of things we do as marketers that are quite unhelpful for the consumer. Let’s talk email gameplan with 3.5 million dollar superstars Best Buy:

In terms of their duplicate list – 23% of their mailable base was redundant; 23% of there budget was wasted 🙁
Why did Best Buy not have a ‘buy as guest’ button? Because they wanted data. But this is a fallacy.

Marketers want data – we want to know gender, favorite color, and so on. But how can we ask these questions on an initial meeting (at the checkout) without putting the customer off?

Moreover, what does the marketer actually need to know to let a customer check out?
What about convenience? Who is your marketing strategy convenient for, at this present time? It needs to be the customer.

Chloe Thomas – Beyond email: Key communication trends for 2017
Chloe Thomas is the Founder of eCommerce Masterplan

Practical marketing is using what you’ve already got to get out to more customers and generate a better ROI.
If we take a look at Custora’s data form 2016, we can see that 25% of their orders came from email.
Email is the golden goose: we need to be careful that we don’t kill it. So how do we look after email?

Message first, channel second:
The message must come before you choose the appropriate channel
Let’s take a look at dotties winner, Deborah Lippmann. Their emails have an in-email apple pay option.
20% of DL’s customers have used the in-email apple pay button. Email is clearly a successful channel for this message.

Stronger marketing messages:
We need to make as much !!**BANG**!! as we can for every message we put out. But how?
Social proof: top reviewed; bestsellers; reviews (written and stats); PT mentions; famous customers or alumni – all of these things can be used in your email marketing, and your digital marketing in general.

Message automation:
Project Repat are an American business that turns t-shirts into quilts – a hugely competitive marketplace in the US.
They focus purely on email, and have optimized their welcome email to turn 25% of signups into buyers.

The first thing they do in the WE is deliver on their promise with a discount code. They pull in social proof, and give advice on how to get the t-shirts to them. The second email is emotionally driven. This brand engagement is highly sentimental, and the company are acknowledging that. The third is informative, and features crucial FAQs.

Digital excellence: Rob and Marni from Fred Perry talk an atypical approach to email
From sports to street — Fred Perry was the first brand to make the transition from sportswear to the subcultures that exist on our streets.

Fred Perry reinvents the classics and explores new ways of adapting existing designs.

Fred Perry’s tone of voice is down to earth, direct and considered.

The goal of the brand is to make sales in the right way. The perception of the brand overrides any desire to drive millions of people towards the checkout.

Email provided Fred Perry with a unique way to communicate with customers on a personal level. One way it achieved this was to introduce e-receipts that would enable Fred Perry to connect people’s offline and online purchases, giving its ecommerce team — and the entire business — a single customer view.

Fred Perry ensures consistency across all of its marketing channels and maximizes content through repurposing.
20% of Fred Perry’s sales now come through email.

Digital excellence: dotdigital’s CPO James Koons on privacy and compliance
The GDPR is the biggest issue facing marketers right now.

Brexit is in motion but if you’re following the rules of the GDPR you should be fine.

James suggests keeping an eye on the ICO website to stay in the loop.

The cost of getting it wrong is huge. Talk Talk’s mistake cost them almost $3bn!

Trust in the brand has helped to achieve an average uplift in sign-ups of 21% — DMA

Elaine Taylor, Global e-commerce and Digital Manager, Barbour

Heritage is at the core of the brand. Barbour has a country heritage brand and a cool, trendy, motorcycle brand.

How does email marketing fit into Barbour’s overall marketing strategy? Email wasn’t recognised as a channel previously. Email is now the most important way to tell customers about our brand and provide a brand touch-point. Barbour’s email approach:

Brand – the company ask customers which of the two brands customers are interested in and then collect the data. Brand rich template and building blocks have been created to communicate the look, feel, and tone of voice for each brand. Each brand also has their own welcome program.

Content – Barbour make use of their heritage content archive, dating back to the 1800s. Each season sees emails which support the new collections, helping customers experience the product better. The brand also have a weekly content-driven email, purely aimed at giving engaged customers a deeper insight into the brand story.

Data – capture and segmentation – it’s collected via a popover, a homepage footer, and a preference centre. The geographical location of customers is important, as Barbour send emails out in different languages. Barbour has a clear email growth strategy.

Last October the company introduced email receipts so that they can collect customer feedback and capture crucial data. This is nurturing their single customer view.

Email has given dotdigital a platform to educate Barbour’s customers on the brand. It’s allowed the brand to collect customer data, and has helped Barbour create a loyalty programme​ to reward it’s brand advocates.
Email is also much cheaper for Barbour than PPC

Digital excellence: KickBox founder Dan talks deliverability
Every email service is different – so there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll make it into the inbox.

Deliverability is all about reputation. And it has many facets.

dotdigital’s Watchdog does a great job of protecting your reputation by filtering out the bad stuff.
Companies should only work with opt-in data. Confirmed opt-in is essential today.

Doug Taylor, Customer Relationship Manager, Slendertone
Slendertone had a problem: limited data, no large scale data usage, and low return purchase rates.

Slendertone gel pads also have a shelf life with necessitates replenishment of protective gel pads.

The solution for Slendertone was to launch Connect Abs, an app-driven product. The app provides personalised training programmes, custom coaching and motivation, and – in the background – collects a large amount of customer data to reinforce their customer experience.

Now Slendertone have data that shows customers are most likely to use their belt on Tuesdays at 8pm. They’re then able to send out a targeted message reminding customers to replenish their gel pads at a time when customers are using or have just used their product.

Digital excellence: Dr Dave Chaffey on developing marketing skills
Poll result: the audience said that automation will be the best marketing tactic for increasing returns in 2017.

Email is king for conversions with an average success of 25% compared to other marketing channels — Custora Ecommerce Pulse.

Check out Smart Insight’s infographic on the essential digital marketing tools to see what you should consider for your business.

Chatbots are going to be big in 2017 – check out Pizza Express.

It’s important to integrate insight-driven marketing plans and processes to work in an agile and effective way.

James Cracknell – Motivational Keynote
James Cracknell OBE has competed in 2 Olympic games. Tonsillitis and a broken shoulder got in his way of his first two attempts. In quarantine, he had a decision to make – give up, and get ‘a proper job’, or back himself. He chose to back himself. And the rest is history.

James Cracknell – Motivational keynote
In a boat, your combined worst MUST be better than the other teams’ best. And you’ve got to work as a team to get to a stage where you can get out there and rely on each other when it’s time to compete.

When racing as a pair, James and his partner learned that if you treat every race as though you’ve lost, you’re constantly resetting the bar for success.

James Cracknell – Motivational keynote
On racing with Ben Fogel across the Atlantic: when your journeying such a great distance, you’ve got to break the journey down into manageable chunks. They capsized in 8th place, losing their communication equipment and most of their comforts. They crossed the finish line in 1st.

James Cracknell – Motivational keynote
Despite maybe not all having the same goal or the same thinking, your team are the ones that will get you through when the going gets tough.

James Cracknell – Motivational keynote
On being hit by a truck while cycling across America: if you believe a ceiling is there, it is the only thing you will ever reach. James took on another cycling race, ‘The Coldest Race on Earth’, a 350 mile race on snow.

If you set yourself a target in life, work, or sport, stick to it; treat it as a true goal. And when you’ve smashed that goal, set another immediately. If you are in control your actions, you can achieve anything.

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