Introducing Live Chat – A New Dotdigital Feature

At dotdigital, we’re constantly trying to think of ways to make life simpler for our customers. For example, we’ve produced a series of posts in recent months outlining loads of suggestions including the importance of a good content strategy and how to use widgets for WordPress right here on the blog.

But we know sometimes you just need to get in touch with us directly. The age we live in is dynamic and fast-moving. Once, emails seemed like a huge leap forward in world of communication, providing an amazing way to stay in touch like never before. But even since the dawn of email, technology has continues to advance.

Whether on social media or websites, phones or desktops, a new real-time communication culture is presenting fascinating new possibilities for customers.

So we’re proud to be able to continue our pursuit of excellence in this area and introduce Live Chat as a new option for our customers to get in touch with us.

Instant, effective comms

The ability to email our team or call during office hours will remain but at the same time, our new intelligent Live Chat system has become the quickest and most convenient way for anyone needing assistance.

If you’re enquiring during office hours, the ‘click to chat’ function will immediately route you through to our crack team of experts who will be delighted to help with your problem. And if it’s outside working hours then a ticket will be created to reserve your place in the queue and someone will be back to you first thing in the morning.

Benefits of live chat

The system has already been a roaring success with customers and we think those of you that haven’t tried it yet will love it too.

So get stuck in and give it a spin. It’s not just for when you have a problem – if you have any question no matter how big or small, live chat is the best way to get our team on it and get you the answers you need!

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