DotMailer Goes Stateside

If you’ve been a dotMailer user since our early days (we started in 1999), you’ll remember we came from humble beginnings, starting out in small office above a shop in South Croydon.

As both a business and as a service to our customers we’ve come an awful long way since then (we now have offices in Croydon, Central London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Minsk and over 170 staff).

And now we have our sights set on America!

As a kick off to our international partnership building programme, Matt Pickup, our Head of Channel  and I have been on a tour of North America.

We’ve also taken part in three major events: Email Evolution, Magento’s Imagine eCommerce, and the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Event, showing US suppliers what makes dotMailer so different and so popular with marketers here in the UK – they’ve been loving our enterprise feature set, simplicity of use and integrations.

Jetlag? Never!

This last month or so we’ve been to Vancouver, Miami, Tampa, New York, Houston, and Las Vegas.

We’ve secured several major US partnership deals and helped deepen relationships with our North American resellers / whitelabels – a really exciting opportunity for us as it opens up a huge pool of potential users of dotMailer. And the more we grow, the more we put back into making dotMailer even better – so it’s good news for our clients too, as we look to extend our feature set and services.

We’re not stopping at America either. We have plans to go down under. So. If you have marketer friends in the US or in Australia – let them know…dotMailer is on its way, and we welcome discussions regarding our partnerships and reseller programs.

I am also on Twitter and LinkedIn too.

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