dotmailer for Zapier

Integrate dotmailer with over 750 other apps through Zapier.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your favorite apps could “play nice” with dotmailer, making your life easier in the process? Well, good news – they can! Zapier allows you to connect your dotmailer account to your favorite apps and online tools, such as Google Docs, Eventbrite, Trello, and Evernote.

Why would you want to do this? So you can automate manual tasks without all that tedious data entry. For example, let’s say you want to pull data from a dotmailer survey and place it into Google Calendar.

Instead of entering all that data manually, Zapier will do the heavy lifting for you and automate it. Connecting dotmailer to other apps will save you a ton of time so you can focus on more important stuff.

Keeping dotmailer in check, check!

The dotmailer Zap is launching with seven ‘actions’ – create contact, add contact to address book, send transactional email, unsubscribe contact, create contact data field, create address book and refresh segment. Keeping your dotmailer account up to date when something happens in over 500+ apps couldn’t be easier; whether it’s when a new email is received or it’s a new contact, you can now ‘action’ any of the above dotmailer tasks when this happens. You can read more about the actions available and the options they provide you with in our updated support documentation here.

Let your survey do the talking

dotmailer’s Zap comes with a single but highly valuable ‘trigger’ – the completion of a new survey response. This allows you to fire any one of 500+ apps’ actions every time you receive a new response to a survey, which could be to post a message to a Slack channel or create a new Trello card, for example. And the great thing about using Zapier with dotmailer is that any of the actions you trigger can contain any of the original data you collected from the survey response, allowing you to make them highly personalized but, most importantly, have all your tools completely in sync.

Multi-step Zaps

Multi-step Zaps let you chain together as many actions as you want to a single trigger so you can automate complete workflows – three steps, five steps, 20 steps even – with one Zap. Multi-step Zaps work like waterfalls: all the data flows down. You can use information from any step to flesh out the steps below it. Go ahead, grab a name from step one and use it in step six, or an email address from step three and use it in step five. You can even mix and match data from multiple apps and pass all the essentials to a dedicated hub, just like routing all customer information from emails and forms into your CRM or tracking spreadsheet.

Invite only

Zapier’s process is that any new Zap must launch in a ‘beta’ phase until it gains sufficient users for Zapier to add it to its public library of apps. This means, for now, our Zap can only be added to your Zapier account via our ‘invite only’ link.

And if Zap wasn’t enough…

If you didn’t spot it during the launch of 16one, you can now also connect dotmailer to your other tools using any of our 100+ apps. From AddShoppers to Zoho, we’ve collated all the dotmailer apps in one place for the first time – making them easier to find than ever. Check our the new App Directory to get going.

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