dotmailer and Magento voted in the top 10 most-loved marketing technologies

Discovering the right technology to suit your marketing strategy can often be a struggle, even for the most experienced marketers. However, dotmailer for Magento allows you to truly unlock the potential of your data and provides the best tools possible to boost revenue and ROI.

Developing an online presence for a business has never been easier than it is now. The wide variety of tools available mean that whatever your capacity as a marketer, there is the ability to boost revenue, increase ROI, whilst also creating the best possible customer journey.

Despite this, it is becoming more and more common to see businesses suffering as a result of being left behind as online retail becomes more reliant than ever on technology solutions. For instance, the rapid expansion of the ecommerce markets is often attributed to the development of ecommerce software. One such solution that is relied on by over 240,000 merchants worldwide, and provides the tools through which it is possible to make the most of your customer data, is Magento. Seen in the industry as an incredibly flexible as well as capable mid-market solution , it was an obvious choice to marry with dotmailer’s SaaS platform. And last month, the TFM&A 2015 Marketing Technology report revealed that both dotmailer and Magento won a place in the ‘top 10 most loved’ technologies used by marketers.

But why combine two of your favourite technologies? As the dotmailer platform is accessed via the admin console of Magento, this single sign on takes away the need to work in separate applications. Instead of spending hours inputting data and re-working the layout of your next email, it gives you the ability to create beautiful, tailored customer communications- from the same place as you manage your customers purchase journey.

Through the marriage of these two platforms, dotmailer customers have been able to use the core function of Magento, the data that it holds, to enhance their email marketing strategy and as a result increase the ROI they receive.

dotmailer for Magento helps you talk to your customers one-to-one. And as we all know, the more personal your emails, the greater your ROI.

As a Magento gold partner, dotmailer is perfectly positioned to give you the ability to take advantage of the benefits that Magento can offer.

Check out the top 10 most loved marketing technologies by marketers in TFM&A’s latest industry report. (Click here).

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