dotmailer 16two: Mobile email. Rebooted

dotmailer 16two’s just arrived on the scene, bringing first-class responsive support and even faster sending speeds

Open up your arms and give a great big hug to dotmailer 16two. We just know you’ll love it. It brings the very best in revamped responsive support, plus we’ve lifted up the ‘sending’ hood to optimize our send speed, getting your emails out to inboxes even quicker

A responsive revolution!

Responsive emails

It may be the case that you’re thinking, “Hang on…responsive email support? But dotmailer already supports responsive email.” And you’d be right. In fact, EasyEditor was the first editor to have responsive support built into it: EasyEditor markup allowed you to optimize your campaigns for mobile devices, there were numerous mobile-optimized templates to choose from, you could get approximate mobile campaign previews, plus you had options to hide blocks on mobile devices, preserve images and to not stack content.

Yes, you could certainly do responsive. But, what with the years moving on, bringing with them numerous changes to mobile phones and email clients, it was becoming obvious that you could no longer do responsive as well as we wanted you to.

In which case, it was high time to reboot things. We wanted to give you the very best responsive support that you could possibly find. And we believe we’ve done just that!

EasyEditor – upgraded

EasyEditor has been extensively upgraded to support our new responsive templates. You’ll now find that it’s simpler to ensure mobile layouts are consistent across all devices, even for tricksy Gmail for Android. EasyEditor also supports multiple columns within emails that work reliably on small screens – a first for a visual drag-and-drop editor!

CSS inlining: a designer’s best friend

Another highlight is our introduction of CSS inlining. In much the same way that you can put your styling (font size, padding, etc.) at the top of a web page, our CSS inliner allows you to do this at the top of your templates. You state your preferred font for paragraphs here, and, when you send your email, this information gets automatically inlined and applied to all the paragraphs in your campaign.

We’ve eradicated the problem of how, typically, you couldn’t use CSS in emails – as many email clients just throw it out. It used to mean that any styling needed to be constantly applied to individual elements throughout your entire template. This was very painful for anyone who built templates!

Our CSS inliner speeds up designing email templates, it makes updating styles faster, and it provides better control of default fonts and font styles, with newly added building blocks simply inheriting them.

And there’s more…

Button control

We’ve also introduced full-width image support, high DPI support for Outlook, plus a new ‘Button’ building block to drag and drop into your responsive campaigns. This intelligently picks up on the styling of any other buttons in the campaign and automatically matches them.

Oh, and you may have already noticed that we added Instagram to the ‘Social links’ building block options a few weeks back.

New responsive templates

New templates

Seven new fantastic looking templates have been launched, incorporating the new EasyEditor markup to take advantage of all of the above.

We’ve also rebooted our ‘Start from scratch’ templates to be fully responsive-optimized.

It’s important to point out that templates that don’t have the new responsive EasyEditor markup won’t be able to benefit from our improved mobile support, and will continue to work as they always have. However, all existing EasyEditor features will continue to work in our new responsive templates.

If you want us to build you one instead, then our Creative Studio team can help.

Your sends – accelerated

Your sends – accelerated

Bigger, better, faster, more! That’s always the aim – and we try our best to deliver it. Could we apply this to our sending speed? This was another challenge we set ourselves for 16two.

So, the boiler suits were donned, and spanners and wrenches were in hand, as we sent some some fine fellows into dotmailer’s core to see what they could do. And what a job they did!

With optimizations and performance gains galore, we’ve also ensured we can scale these improvements so they can be applied to much, much larger sends. You should notice reporting data starting to come back quicker, as we get your message out of the door with the speed of a gazelle!

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