dotmailer 16one: Better product, better apps

Featuring tutorial videos and auto-converting templates, dotmailer 16one is here, and it's big

dotmailer 16one is here and it’s going to make you awesome. You’ll learn new things (using our new video tutorials), connect dotmailer to all your other tools (using our App Directory) and give your Classic Editor campaigns a new lease of life with EasyEditor auto-conversion.

On-demand training


We know that not all of you can make time for a full dotmailer training session. But we also know that those who do, reap the rewards after.

Which is why our training team sat down to record their most popular sessions. The result? Free and on-demand video tutorials to complement our written user guides.

Fancy a spot of lunchtime learning? Head on over to and let Jenny, Vicky, Winnie and Dave guide you through the ins and outs of data management, campaign creation, automation and more.

Apps, glorious apps

App Directory

You can now connect dotmailer to your other tools using any of our 100+ apps. From AddShoppers to Zoho, we’ve collated all the dotmailer apps in one place for the first time – making them easier to find than ever. Check our the new App Directory to get going.

#BYOT Bring Your Own Templates

EasyEditor conversion

Always wanted to use EasyEditor but weren’t confident about adding the mark-up to your templates? It will now do it for you. Upload any campaign HTML, and we’ll make sure it’s EasyEditor compatible.

This is so amazing, we’ve even retired the old editor – which means there is absolutely nothing you need to do to enjoy the drag-and-drop goodness of EasyEditor.

Also in EasyEditor

Whilst I’m talking about EasyEditor, it’s worth pointing out the other enhancements in this release.

Video building block

Want to embed video in emails? Get frustrated at the lack of email support in email clients? Get over that hump by using the new video building block: add your YouTube link, and it’ll go off, grab the thumbnail, and add a play button, allowing the video to be played in-browser (or in-app, if your contacts are using a mobile).

Images, everywhere

Our image managing, organising, renaming, adding, moving, deleting, resizing and cropping tool was amazing… but suffered in two ways.

One, it wasn’t available when building surveys.

Two, you could only reach it when editing a campaign, which was great when you were editing a campaign, and not so great when you weren’t.

We’ve fixed both of those annoyances: your images are now available when building surveys, and you can reach the image manager at any time by going to Campaigns > Image manager.

Because not everyone has Photoshop

If there was a third snag with the image manager, it was that you couldn’t use it to add filters to your product photographs. Or make circular buttons. Or add text to images. Because, well, it was an image manager, not manipulator.

But if you have a mild Instagram addiction, then this one’s for you: we’ve partnered with the folks at Aviary to offer full image editing from right there in the image manager: enhance, style, boost, adjust and modify your way to better looking campaign images.

“I want it in blue. No wait, pink”

Color themes

It just so happens that I wrote the blog following dotmailer’s annual Hack Week. In that blog I featured a hack called Coloramatron. I’m pleased to say that this is now available to all users of dotmailer (although it now goes by the more grown-up name of ‘color themes’).

It builds nicely on the ability to change the background color of individual elements, and allows you to change your entire campaign in one go. It also deals with the annoying stuff like text legibility and contrasting colors, meaning you can re-color a campaign in seconds.

dotmailer ♥’s Magento 2. And also Dynamics 2016

Magento integration

If there’s one thing we love, it’s Magento. But you know what’s better than Magento? Magento 2.

Released earlier this year, it’s a complete rewrite of its predecessor… which meant that older, Magento 1 integrations weren’t compatible. The good news is that – if you’ve already made the migration or are on the verge of doing so – we now have a connector written specifically for Magento 2.0. Also re-written from the ground up, it’s available to download now.

In addition, we’ve completely overhauled our Magento documentation, making it clearer and easier to read than ever.

Lastly, we’ve also upgraded our Microsoft Dynamics connector to fully support Dynamics 2016. Just pick the appropriate link when installing it.

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