dotmailer 15three: things just got really interesting

Our third release of 2015 marks a massive move forward with three leading new features to add to your account

Welcome to dotmailer 15three! And we’re literally figuratively bursting with excitement. Boy, have we got some amazing new features for you!

“But hang on,” I hear you say. “What’s 15three? I was expecting a season for the launch name and mentions of summery fun, beaches and deckchairs.”

Yes, well, the seasons didn’t really make a great deal of sense to our users throughout the world, especially if we were claiming it was a summer release here in the Northern Hemisphere when it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere!

So we’re renaming our releases to reference the year (in this case 2015, so 15) and the number of the release for the year (in this case the third release, so three). We rather like the cut of its jib, and we hope you do too.

It’s time to take the lead

Lead scoring

Our new lead scoring feature enables you to produce quality of leads, rather than quantity of leads, to pass on to your (hopefully) very grateful sales team and drive up ROI. It allows you to assign scores to contacts based upon their behaviour and engagement with your campaigns, as well as websites (if you have WebInsight). You can also assign scores based on their suitability (demographics such as the industry they’re in, their job title, etc.)

You can decide upon priorities and score against them, depending upon what’s important to you. These scores can then be given meaning by labelling contacts as ‘Red hot’, ‘Warm’, ‘Cool’ and so on, meaning you’re able to talk the same language across the whole of your business! Scores also automatically refresh daily so you’ll always be bang up to date.

What else can you do with lead scoring? Lots. You can segment with it, so you can very simply create an address book of your current ‘red hot’ leads to hand over to your sales team to convert; you can drive dynamic content with them; and you can utilize them in programs to enrol contacts or make decisions. It throws the door wide open to create great lead nurturing programs!

Landing that knockout blow

Landing pages

EasyEditor is great – no doubts about that. It allows you to create fantastic looking campaigns at the drop of a hat with its drag and drop functionality. No HTML skills required! However, if you’ve ever wished you could use EasyEditor to create just as amazing looking web pages, well, today’s your lucky day! We’re delighted to introduce our fantastic landing page builder.

Landing pages are a great marketing tool. They’re 100% focused on conversion, and, when done well, they can turn potential customers into real customers. However, one of the biggest problems for marketers is finding the time to create, set up and manage them. It’s hard, right? Getting to grips with the fiddly HTML. Not to mention all that kerfuffle with publishing, editing and maintaining the pages. With the involved technicalities of it, it can end up becoming just another ‘nice to have’ that gets shunted further down your to-do list.

However, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you. Use EasyEditor’s great drag and drop functionality to build wonderfully attractive pages at the drop of a hat, plus you have optimized templates available to get you going. Or upload your own. Pull in videos, your surveys and forms, and countdown timers with extreme ease. Install Google Analytics tracking code or WebInsight code with just a couple of clicks. With equal simplicity, publish, unpublish, edit and then republish pages, either on our own hosted domain or your custom domain. And, of course, make use of dynamic content to make sure your landing pages are targeted and relevant.

What’s the really cool thing about our landing pages though? You can use advanced personalization with them. “Advanced personalisation?!” you cry. “What’s that???” Read on…

There’s personalization, and then there’s advanced personalization!

Advanced personalisation

A famous poet once (possibly) said of dotmailer, “How do I personalize with thee? Let me count the ways.” And those ways are – via contact data fields, with dynamic personalisation, with segmentation, with send time optimisation, and with external dynamic content. That’s five.

Hello number six! And it’s the next level – advanced personalization. It’s special. It uses Liquid script to cleverly super-personalize campaigns and landing pages. It gives you the ability to personalize more than the recipient’s name or images.

You can also personalize the body of your text content with information specific to each individual contact, leveraging OrderInsight data, WebInsight data, even account-wide Insight data (to send, for example, relevant products from a catalogue or a suitable choice of preferred holiday resorts). You can set multiple rules and send to multiple segments.

With advanced personalisation, send one campaign, or make a single landing page, and every recipient or visitor’s experience can be different. And because you can use Liquid scripting in EasyEditor for both campaigns and landing pages, you can provide a consistent customer experience throughout their journey.

That’s like a one-to-one conversation – and those are the best sort! Who are you going to buy from? The store keeper who never lifts an eye to you when you walk in, or that chirpy fellow who recommends things based on what you like and offers you a cup of tea whilst he does it? It’s great humanization, pure and simple, and it uber-drives engagement and conversion. Impressive, eh?

Programs: note them up

Program annotations

Ever created a program, gone back into it, then thought, “What does that bit do? I can’t remember.” Or perhaps it’s a colleague’s program and you’re thinking, “What on earth is that bit all about?” In which case, program annotations are here to save the day!

Now you can drag in and drop text labels onto the program canvas, so you can leave notes and instructions for yourself and fellow workmates.

Type into them, resize them, colour them and layer them. It’s a handy little addition that aids collaborative working.

Accounting for change

My account

You’ll also notice that we’ve reorganized the account settings area. We wanted to tidy it up and improve things for you when using it. Mouse over ‘Hi [your name]!’ in the top right corner of the application and you’ll find what was a fairly extensive menu has been shortened, as we’ve looked to group things together more intelligently.

Whilst we’re quite sure you’ll find your way about, we just wanted to highlight some key changes in the menu.

‘Account’ is now where you can see an overview of your current plan details, usage (including API and data storage), additional charges and available credits. Furthermore, there are tabs where you can make changes to your contact details (including billing address), access your account settings, SMS settings, and view and pay any outstanding invoices.

There is also a new option on the menu called ‘Insight data’, which has been moved from elsewhere within the application. This is where you can view and manage your Insight data usage and storage. Any AccountInsight data is also viewable from here.

High five! It’s dotmailer for Magento v5.0.0

Magento connector v5

With all this innovation flying around, the dotmailer for Magento connector has to keep up, right? That’s right. And it has, with v5.0.0 launched today.

Firstly, there’s been a bit of a tidy up. The navigation menus have changed a little as we’ve gathered various things into the same locations, so it all makes a bit more sense.
Secondly, some processes have been improved and some reporting added. For instance, programs now enrol in batches every fifteen minutes to ensure a smoother process, and this can be checked in the ‘Automation Status’ report. There’s also a new ‘Importer Status’ report, providing visibility about your imports, whereas previously this wasn’t available.

Thirdly, some new capabilities have been added. You can enrol customers into programs when there’s a change in their order status; catalog synchronisation and reporting has been introduced with the advent of advanced personalisation and account scoped data; whilst you can create exclusion rules to prevent abandoned cart and review emails from firing off to customers too frequently.

But there’s much more besides, so upgrade now and check it all out.

And that’s just about everything…

Are you excited? We certainly are! This has blown things wide open. These new features, along with previously released features (WebInsight, program builder, channel extensions), are designed to interplay powerfully with each other. The possibilities are genuinely endless.

Imagine enrolling contacts into a multichannel marketing program based on their lead score, a program which nurtures and drives them towards highly targeted landing pages that make use of advanced personalisation, leveraging your Insight data, to create the most targeted and tailored customer journey yet.

Well, imagine no more – we’ve got the tools for you to go off and do it! We’ve delivered. Now you can.

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