dotmailer 15four: a release to keep things simple

dotmailer 15four has just hit the shelves, and it's (mostly) about keeping your dotmailer easy to use.

We know what it’s like. The anticipation. The impending excitement keeping you awake the night before. Knowing that you’ve been really good.

But the wait for all of us is over: the new dotmailer is here. We’re sure it will bring you everything you wanted (maybe more!), and we won’t even expect a thank you card (although chocolates… well, you could send them).

More helpful help



We know that however simple things are, sometimes you just need a bit of extra help. And to ensure we’re giving the best support we can, we’ve relaunched both our help center and our API documentation.

The help center is now clearer to find your way around (especially for new users). We’ve separated out our articles (the knowledge base) from your questions and product feedback (the community).

We’ve also made the articles a lot easier to read. Oh, and the search is better than it was.Way better.

The API documentation is, firstly, no longer just API documentation. It’s a fully blown developer hub – and contains everything you need to know about integrating with dotmailer.

Even better, we now offer code samples to ease you into using our API. This was by far the biggest request we used to get, so we hope they help. (They’re available in C# right now, but if you’d like another language let us know, as we’ll keep making the hub better over the coming months.)

Removing those “why can’t I…?” moments



We have a team that looks at how you use dotmailer (through data, not binoculars). And that team noticed that some things that should have been quick and easy to do, weren’t.

We realised that every time one of you had to contact us to achieve something simple, we were wasting your time (and ours, for that matter). We know you have better things to do than speak to us about getting contacts resubscribed, or changing an address book’s settings.

And so 15four sees a lot of things simplified – from password resets to adding users, from changing address book settings to switching your account holder. Even organising your building blocks and editing your campaign in HTML mode have become easier.

We know these things aren’t whizz-bang new features. But 15three had a lot of them, and every so often we need to knuckle down and make sure dotmailer is still, you know, usable.

To see more about the things we’ve simplified, check out the release page over on our website

21st century email



If you’ve been in email marketing for a while, you’ll know that email doesn’t change quickly (and that email clients change even slower). But it does change, nonetheless. Web-based clients – such as Gmail and – in particular do push out support for more adventurous email.

And this is where our editable head comes in. Some of the new techniques (things like Gmail schemas, or progressive disclosure) require scripts in your email head – which wasn’t editable in EasyEditor. The good news, if you’re feeling ambitious, is that it now is.

If you’re left wondering what this means to you, then keep an eye out for an upcoming blog that will dive into this a lot deeper.

Pop-overs have gotten smarter



Also new are enhancements to the pop-over share option in surveys and forms. This has been hugely popular ever since we launched it in 2013, and you now get more options to set the delay before a pop-over appears.

You can decide how many times it should be displayed, too, meaning you can both hold back the display until your visitors are more engaged in your content, and not annoy them immensely by showing it over and over again.




If you use Magento for your store, and you’re excited about the upcoming version 2 release (I know we are), then you’d be forgiven for worrying about your dotmailer integration.

And if you are, then good news: we’ve been working with the Magento team and their early release product for a while now, and our Magento 2 connector is all ready for when they hit the big button – ensuring you can upgrade whenever you’re ready.

Time to have a play



Everything is live in your account now (although you need to be a surveys and forms user to use pop-overs), so login, have a play, and let us know what you create.

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