dotFriday feeling: your wellbeing and creative home takeaways

Gav's weekly creative digest of all our unmissable content

It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us – wherever you are in the world, it’s likely that your weekends feel a bit different to how they used to. It’s hard to capture that lazy Sunday feeling when you’re at home all the time and stress levels are high.

One way could be to change up what you read. The news cycle is frantic at the moment, so we’ve put together a selection of some of our favorite pieces of content. We’ve done it in a nice, easy format for you to digest and get your creative marketing juices flowing.

Adapting to a new digital lifesytle

Today, thousands of us are working from home, keeping social distance unless essential. Effectively planning how we stay connected has never been more important. We want to help inspire you with ways you and your team can adapt to this new digital working lifestyle – so we have created a webinar to help with just this – we discuss and share ideas on how to communicate and stay focused and connected during this unprecedented time – check out the dotlive we have moved online called Managing people’s wellbeing from afar.

Striking the right tone, right now

If you want to spend some time with some insightful and thought-provoking content, listen to our webinar on the complexities around crisis communication – take this deep dive with our very own Clare Walker – Senior Account Manager, and start asking the right questions and plan for these times effectively.

Changing consumer behaviors

I’m not sure about you, but I’m still an active consumer. In fact, it feels like it’s one way I can retain some level of normality, so I’m still scrolling through the internet to find my next BEST purchase. And I’m not the only one. The the rise of the home demand economy is incredibly prominent in this time. This means retailers need to put important measures in place to protect people and safeguard brand reputation. So we’ve done some research and put together a summary of best practice that all retailers should be taking note of.

Demystify the omnichannel experience

Also, check out our long read about delivering the ultimate omnichannel experience – the favourable stats mean marketers would be mad to reject calls to adopt omnichannel marketing tactics. This whitepaper will help readers digest the omnichannel strategy into actional steps – from the shop floor to their email marketing programs. We explore the benefits of enhanced personalization and linking up in-store and online data.

Refresh the email marketing basics

Though things in the world certainly aren’t normal right now, email essentials are still the same – we have published a back-to-basics look at email marketing, looking at everything from email marketing strategy to list growth and personalization. Right now might be the best time to sit back and reflect on the getting the basics right, so when we do eventually get back up and running we are ready to go at full speed. And to help you on your way we have created a perfect cheatsheet to help you get moving.

Psst! We’re now Shopify Plus certified!

Also, just as an FYI for anyone that may be interested, we are now officially certified in Shopify Plus’ Certified App Program. To be recognized as a best-of-breed partner by Shopify Plus brings advantages to our existing customers, equipping them with what they need to drive more value from their commerce. Our strengthened relationship with Shopify Plus means we can empower brands to automate their customer engagement at scale.

A successful return to live UK events

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