dotdigital Engagement Cloud EasyEditor: introducing drag and drop

This is one of a series of posts looking at key features from dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s new EasyEditor – get the full picture here. It took over a year to develop and will change the way you put together email marketing campaigns!

Last time we gave you an introduction to the delights of EasyEditor and today we are going to drill down into one of the most important new features: drag and drop.

The demand for this feature in HTML email template editing has been mounting for some time since it’s so much easier and more intuitive to use than traditional WYSIWYG email editors.

But we’ve been listening and dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s new EasyEditor makes use of some sophisticated programming language to bring drag and drop to our new email editing suite.

How do I get started?

To use our new EasyEditor you’ll need to choose one of our Easy Editor-ready templates from the free template library, or contact our client services team to get your existing email templates marked-up for Easy Editor.

Once you’re in EasyEditor’s new ‘canvas view’ you can choose from text boxes, image boxes, text boxes with images or multiple columns and your entire image library.

You can drag any of these elements into your template, reposition them, duplicate them, drag to resize them – all without ever having to use or understand any form of HTML or coding. What’s more, when it comes to images, you’ll get thumbnail previews, ensuring you know exactly what you’re selecting when it matters.

So give it a go and see just how easy and intuitive it is!