DotDigital Directors’ TV Debut

Extras get extra… that’s what our board of Directors here at the dotDigital Group will be hoping, having made their prime time TV broadcast debut last night in the awesome ITV drama series, Whitechapel.

Working actor

We’re very proud to say that actor Ben Bishop, who plays Mansell in the series Whitechapel, is also a long standing part-time member of the dotDigital crew, working with our sales team to follow up digital marketing enquiries we receive.

Maybe it’s because they’re Londoners…

…that Ben has been trying for a while to persuade our band of Directors to step up as extras for an episode of the hit Whitechapel series.

So when the opportunity arose last summer for Tink Taylor, Peter Simmonds, Simon Bird and Skip Fidura to step away from their iPads and into the limelight, they took it.

How the action unfolds

OK, it’s an extras scene. So you need to watch the background action carefully to see what’s going down. Here’s how the extras’ scene plays out:

The camera finds Tink, Peter, Skip and Simon in a busy bar, where Peter is working the decks as a DJ. Following a quick chat with the Whitechapel Director, Tink and Skip approach the bar for a beer.

Two detectives are talking in front of the camera. In the background, Tink requests a beer. The actor playing the barman attempts to give a Tink a ‘fake’ beer, not knowing that Tink has just negotiated with the Director that they can have the real stuff.

An unscripted and heated discussion breaks out between Tink and the barman actor, all caught on camera.

Fortunately, Tink and Skip walk back from the bar having secured themselves a couple of real beers before hitting  the dance floor with Simon to the tunes being spun by DJ Pete.

The Whitechapel cast support dotMailer’s Big Pink charity campaign

The cast of Whitechapel, which includes members such as Rupert Penry-Jones, Phil Davis, Steve Pemberton and of course, our very own Ben Bishop, all donned dotMailer Big Pink T-shirts in support of our bid to raise £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Check out more photos from The Big Pink charity campaign on the dotMailer Facebook wall.

Intrigued? Check last night’s Whitechapel episode out on ITV Player.

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