DotAgency Takes Cinema Online With Curzon

We work with some pretty exciting clients here at dotAgency, but they don’t come much more exciting that our current project with Curzon.

As you may have read in the papers recently, Curzon Artificial Eye (CAE), owner of the Curzon Cinemas chain, has just launched Curzon On Demand, a Video on Demand service offering releases of independent, art house and world cinema films online in High Definition to consumers in both the UK and Ireland.

We’ve been working with Curzon to help build the site with a combination of consultation and development work.

This really is innovative stuff as the new site uses the very latest technology to deliver that ‘cinema experience’ in the home or on the move. It means that rather than having to go to the cinema to see that latest release, you can watch it from the comfort of your own home without having to wait for the DVD.

Curzon On Demand is unique amongst On Demand services in that the website will operate as another Curzon cinema.  Films will be programmed specifically for the site, in line with their cinema releases.  Curzon On Demand also plans to offer films available exclusively online, online premieres and special events such as talent Q&As.

A technical challenge

As you can imagine, building such a technically complex site presented a number of challenges. We worked closely with Curzon and design agency Winkreative to develop the site on a Microsoft ASP .net foundation, incorporating dotEditor as its CMS platform and dotCommerce to handle online payments.

The site syncs with multiple databases on a variety of levels to enable a range of functionality including the booking of cinema tickets (syncing with Curzon’s box office) and providing trailers.

Curzon’s internal workflow has very much been reflected in the workflow of the site, enabling the company to quickly present new film data, build the film database and then create products based from these assets.

To ensure the best quality viewing experience, regardless of connection or device, Curzon on Demand streams content at between 2Mbps and 5Mbps using the Brightcove video platform. In doing so, it makes the most of dynamic bandwidth detection combined with flexibility of bit rates and codecs to optimise sound and image quality.

We are delighted with the outcome and would invite as many of you as possible to pop over to to experience Cinema 2.0 for yourself, from the comfort of your own home!

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