Don’t Lose Your Identity In A Survey

You’ve been there:

You need to set up and run a survey in-house and you want it to look like its part of your website – properly branded.

Not a big ask, is it?

Ummm…well it appears it may well be!

Looking around at the various online survey tools currently available, I’ve found that when it comes to branding surveys it’s just not that easy.

Sure you can add a logo in the top left corner, add your  brand colours and change the fonts, but doing much more than that is either impossible or means getting designers and techies involved, which is going to take time and money.

At dotdigital we thought this was absolute madness.  So we set about creating the one and only dotSurvey, the our newest app release and the best online survey tool in the universe today.

I know what you’re thinking – “yeh yeh but I’m not really going to be able to make an online survey look like it’s part of my website without a designer or techie person, am I?”

Meet our  secret weapon… your new survey building best friend, the CopyKat.

This not so ‘fluffy’ feline will literally create in dotSurvey an identical, fully editable copy of any of your web pages. Once captured you can cut out and remove any of the sections from the page that you don’t need and insert your survey, with a few simple clicks.

What’s even more snazzy, not only do you now have a fully branded survey but all the elements from your website template will be 100% fully functional  – like your navigation bars and buttons. So once they’ve completed your survey you can keep responders on your site and show them more content.

Watch the video to find out more

The Results

You’ve spent time and money developing a good reputation and brand recognition – why throw it all away…

Having a branded survey will ensure customers can trust and be reassured by the credibility of your survey and if they like you as a brand they are more likely to fill it out, providing truthful answers and more information, making your survey ultimately more successful.

Hoorahh!!!  Increased survey response here we come!

dotSurvey is currently in Alpha testing, and will be available to dotMailer customers in the next 2 to 3 weeks, call 0845 337 9170 or Pop along to the website and sign up to be kept up to date with all the latest developments

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