Different types of email ‘from address’

Email marketers have a choice when it comes to the type of ‘sent from’ address they use.

1. Some may use bulk email software or an email service provider (ESP) that allows them to select to send their emails from – for example – a Hotmail address, e.g. companyname-news@hotmail.com

  • Bad choice.
    ISPs will not see this as an ‘authenticated’ email address. This means they won’t know that the email is being sent from a server that: A – is who it claims to be, and B – is authorised to send it.
    So the chances of this email being accepted and delivered by the ISPs are significantly reduced.

2. Some may choose to send their emails from their own business domain, e.g. news@companyname.com

  • Bad choice.
    It only takes one spam complaint from an unhappy recipient to get your domain blacklisted. If this happens, you risk your firm’s entire transactional email going down. Not a great prospect!

3. Some may simply send their emails using an ‘unbranded’ from address supplied by their ESP. e.g. companyname@EmailServiceProviderName.com

  • Bad choice.
    Successful email marketing is all about building trust and creating an effective online brand!
    Anonymous looking ‘from addresses’ like this can damage that trust, degrade your online brand and impact on your open and unsubscribe rates.

4. Those who want to succeed at email marketing choose to send their emails from an authenticated and branded ‘Custom From Address’, e.g. news@email-companyname.com