Be Sure Your Website Complies With EU Cookie Law – Watch The Video

Everybody just chill out. We’ve got the EU cookie law covered for you.

Here’s the deal:

Changes to PECR came into effect in May 2011, requiring marketers to audit their websites for types of cookies in use, inform visitors that the site is using them, and gain each visitor’s consent for their use.

Due to industry concerns about implementing the changes, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) granted a year’s exemption on imposing sanctions for non-compliance.

Your time is up as of the end of this month.

The bottom line is you’re going to need to implement some software if you want to continue using cookies.

We just held a sell-out seminar for marketers wanting to know what they need to do make sure their websites are compliant with the regulations.

Luckily, we filmed the whole thing, so you can watch it, get up to date and get compliant. Just click the play button below.


If you’re in need of a solution for your website, the consultants here at dotAgency – dotMailer’s sister web design and search agency – have created a cookie compliance package that includes a website audit, and advice on compliance next steps. Just get in touch with Ben Staveley on 0207 654 8686 if you’d like to learn more.

dotMailer bosses Tink Taylor and Skip Fidura are also involved with the IAB and the DMA email marketing councils, and have been working closely with the Information Commission, resulting in the free how-to guide ‘Email and cookies legislation‘, outlining the details of the cookie law’s impact on email marketing. Download your copy today, here.

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