DotDigital Introduces Business Volunteering

East Croydon dotDigital owes  a lot to Croydon. We were born in this town, we grew up here and we built our business here – it’s in our DNA.

So our reaction to recent disturbances was the same as everyone’s; horror, anger and disbelief.

Given the volatile circumstances over those couple of days, we’re lucky that the worst inconvenience we faced was relocating a number of members of staff to work from home. This included everyone from both our Croydon and London Bridge offices, and a number of staff staying in a hotel in Manchester, while anyone qualified stepped in to cover the support lines to ensure our customers experienced business as usual.

Bring out the best

But if there’s one positive result to come from all this, it has to be way in which it has exposed the initiative and compassion of the local community.


Here to help

We’re currently discussing internally the different ways we can provide the most help to the local community we are proud of. Obvious moves like letting anyone who wanted to go and help with the clean up go without saying.

This ties in beautifully with a new scheme that we recently launched internally that you might all be interested in… It’s called Business Volunteering, where the theme is giving something back. We are encouraging staff to form teams and to get involved in projects during company time. These projects can incorporate anything from community, environmental, construction or manual work for charities of their choice.

Fear not, we will not leave our customers stranded; teams will be formed across department and across our 6 regional offices, leaving plenty of cover, the project teams will deliver high impact results over the course of a day at a time.

This initiative forms part of our on-going policy to make the dotDigital Group one of the best places to work. Our philosophy is simple, happy staff delivery great products and service leading to happy clients! I am delighted to say that we have seen a massively high level of sign up for ‘Business Volunteering’ during our latest staff survey, which we do to encourage feedback from our teams.

We’ll report back in more detail on this soon. But, safe to say, it is at times like this when the importance of being a business that understands its position in a wider context really comes home to us all. With the recent events in mind if there are any local groups or charities that would use some help from the project teams here at dotDogitial please get in touch as I am sure they would be delighted to help.

Let the good times roll!

To prove that it’s not all doom and gloom in Croydon, I thought I would share the shenanigans that the dotDigital Group had this week on behalf of my birthday!

Each year my birthday coincides with the arrival the North Wood Morris Men turning up at our local work watering hole in East Croydon of all places, we discovered this many years ago by accident.  We had so much fun the first year that this has now become the stuff of legend and a tradition!

Over the years this has therefore become a bigger and bigger event to such an extent that the police arrived to help us cordon off the streets for the big dance off, this goes to show the diversity of work you get as a policeman in Croydon!

This year, a scene that resembled something from Anchorman the movie saw a rival morris dancing group arrive to take them on. As bizarre as it sounds Aithne one of the fabulous members of the dotDigital teams father runs the Ravensbourne Morris Men

Every year the Morris men let the crew get involved and a fun time is had by all, don’t believe us, check out our Facebook Group for the evidence!

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